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We have trusted John with all of our real estate transactions for the past 20 years.  Not only has he helped us buy and sell 4 homes in addition to a recent commercial acquisition, but he has taken the extra step in alerting us of better financing options in between our buy/sell transactions that has saved us countless dollars.  It is that extra step that he has taken for us over the years that encourages us to recommend his services to our friends and family without hesitation.  We look forward to continue working with John on all of our future transactions as we know that he will continue to work hard and smart for us as if he was doing it for himself.  Thank you John.

Steve and Vicki M



I have hired John as a mortgage broker in 2003 and again since then.  "John is a pleasure to work with.  His wide breadth of expertise in different industries and depth of knowledge in all of these industries is unbelievable.  I'd definitely recommend John for any of his services."

Tim L



"John's professionalism and knowledge base for all aspects of real estate-selling, financing, and preparing to sell property-went above and beyond my expectations for a real estate agent and broker." 

Top Qualities-Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Mara P


I have known John for almost 30 years.  During that time I have conducted real estate transactions (including using his company to acquire mortgages on homes and rental properties) with John and also consulted him on financial planning and business matters.  I have always been completely satisfied with the service that he has provided.  His extensive knowledge and hard work ethic, and positive "can do" attitude has contributed to many successes in my life.  John is one of the most honest persons that I know and there has never been any doubt in my mind that he has my best interests at heart.  I look forward to many more successful ventures with John in the future.

Mark M


John-You have recently sent us a "Thank You" card.  This is no doubt good business, but absurd.  We owe you the "Thank You"!  You gave us good advice, you worked with us to get the job done, and provided a good time table assessment.  You made the sale (trade) of our home a breeze.  We think of you as a valued family friend and enjoy your company whether there is business to be gained or not.  We hope you feel the same way!  Stay as kind and congenial as you are.

Tony & Jeanne H


My husband Todd and self were customers of Patti's approximately 2 years ago on the closing of our new home.  The process went very smoothly.  Patti was organized of what she needed to make our transition a happy experience.  She was available to both of us through our process.  If we needed to do this process again we would definitely ask for her.

Patty W


Patti was very instrumental in helping my family navigate the transition of our parents from their home of 30+ years to a townhouse.Mom and Dad wanted this townhouse but did not have the capital to get a loan without first selling their existing home. Patti was creative in using my credit to purchase the townhouse but Mom and Dad came up with the closing costs and down payment.  I became the landlord and my parents the renters.  Their home sold in seven months so as I look back on this major event I see how just how valuable a person like Patti can be. The family was not in agreement on how the chain of events rolled out but again Patti gave valuable counsel and sound financial advice.  Patti also selected the type of loan for me that gave me short term flexibility but long term stability.Without Patti I could not have achieved this major transition for my parents.  I would highly recommend Patti as a competent caring professional who listens and then uses her expertise to find the best solution to your specific situation.  Thank you Patti we really appreciated all that you did for us and the family this past summer.  Regards,

David W



John-Thank you for your great advice through the years-you've been a guiding light on our financial road!

Carolyn & Chris B


My husband and I have been working with Venture Development, Inc. for approximately six months now, more specifically with Patti Mazzara. We are currently working on purchasing our first home; the process itself has been a rollercoaster ride of many proportions. There were many times along the bumpy road that we had just about all we could take, but then Patti would be the light at the end of the tunnel with her always positive and bubbly demeanor. One of the best things about working with this company was the ease of accessibility available to us at anytime. Patti would call us back and update us anytime she had news on anything, even if it were just something small. She made us feel like we were a priority and gave us the comfort of knowing that one of the most important decisions in our lives was being handled by someone who not only knew what they were doing, but did it with integrity and value that are hard to find now days. We not only think of Patti as our mortgage broker, but now as a life-long friend.  I would without a single doubt recommend Venture Development, Inc. to anyone and everyone.

Amanda S


“I was referred to Patti by a google search on lenders who process FHA mortgages.  As a first time homebuyer, involved in a “short sale” it was important to have a lender who was patient and understood my needs.  Patti Mazzara did a wonderful job of explaining the ins and outs of my mortgage options, and worked very hard to keep things moving.  The best part of all was her constant attention to fluctuations in interest rates.  Because of her diligence my interest rate at closing was almost 1% lower than we had initially planned for!  The internet can be a scary place to do business, but with Patti Mazzara and Venture Development you’re in good hands.”

Joe H



Andy & I want to thank you for helping us with your mortgage loan.  We have purchased 7 homes and no one has ever explained the entire process in detail as you did with us.  We found you on the internet and want anyone out there looking for someone to help them with a loan in this very stressful market it is you Patti! We wish you the best of luck!
Thanks again,

Marlene and Andy

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