City of Apple Valley 

There is more to the City of Apple Valley in the state of Minnesota than being a mere suburb of the Twin Cities.  The name itself suggests the city’s development from being known as Lebanon Township to becoming a hub of commercial activity for over 52,000 people (2006 estimates).  In fact, the 2000 census ranked Apple City the top 15 city in Minnesota, population wise.


So how did the city get its new name?  The name Apple Valley came about because of a promise made by developer Orrin Thompson that every backyard in his developments will have apple trees.  The backyards of houses located in the city’s southwest corner still have the apple trees and tourists an still check them out.

Population Profile 

Apple City’s population is relatively young (following the 2000 census) with a median age of 34.5.  Its residents are primarily whites (91.8%) followed by Asians (3.4%), with a minority of African Americans or Blacks (1.9%) as well as American Indians and Alaska Native (0.3%). Of the 16,344 total households, 75.9% or 12,399 consist of families.  Majority or 88% of the occupied housing units are owned while 12% are rented.

The existence of over 700 business establishments is proof of Apple Valley’s flourishing economy.  It is one of the cities in Minnesota that can boast of low unemployment statistics.  Real estate financing, real estate development, commercial as well as industrial development in the city is also vibrant, with the amount of building permits issued from 2002 to 2003 amounting to over $159 million.


One of the most important concerns of those relocating in Minnesota (and in other states for that matter) is the quality of education.  Apple Valley (which has one of the highest percentages of graduates for students in the high school level) belongs to Independent School District #196.  In fact, it is among the top reasons why it is a favored relocation site.


The availability of housing programs and real estate possibilities in Apply Valley makes it an ideal relocation destination both for residential relocation and corporate or executive relocation.  Along with the other communities in Dakota Country, the city is a participant to the Dakota County Community Development Agency which develops feasible plans for livable communities.  Under this program, residents are assured of housing facilities that responds to their needs of a balanced community with access to various services as well as employment opportunities.


Apple Valley offers the following housing programs to old and new residents:

·         Pre-purchase counseling

·         Down payment assistance

·         Home Stretch Homebuyer Education

·         Mortgage foreclosure prevention

·         First time homebuyer

·         Home improvement loan programs


It also offers rental programs for those wishing to relocate among which are:

·         Scattered site public housing

·         Section 8 rental assistance

·         Family town home and senior housing programs

 Parks and Recreation 

The City of Apple Valley provides sports and recreational facilities for its residents primarily through the Community Center.  It is a favorite venue for sports including volleyball and basketball tournaments, community meetings and even family gatherings.  Among the facilities of the center are: two gymnasiums (2 basketball court, 3 volleyball courts); kitchen (with oven, refrigerator and counter space) and a crafts room.


Relaxation and family events are a common thing here, what with 48 parks scattered all over 790 acres of open land space within the city. Here are the various outdoor adventures one can do in the city of Apple Valley:

Water-based activities

Watercrafts like kayaks, canoes and sailboats are available for rent and can be used to traverse Lakes Farquar, Keller, Cobblestone or Lavon.


Various city parks have amenities for those who love skating.  Skating rinks and hockey rinks are available at Belmont Park, Duchess Park.  Skaters would love the grind rails, half and quarter pipes as well as the fly boxes offered by Hayes Arena Indoor Skate Park.


If basketball, tennis or volleyball is your thing then you won’t be disappointed with the facilities offered by Greenleaf Park, Delaney Park and Farquar Park.

 Open playground

Most of the parks have open playgrounds for children.  The 10-acre Chaparral Park boasts of playground equipment for children.  Farquar Park is an ideal place for families who are fond of barbeques and picnics.


Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the amenities particularly the 190-acre course of the Valleywood Golf Course & Park.

Activities for senior citizens

Senior citizens will have the chance to show their prowess in pool, dart and other competitive activities offered by the Senior Center.  Computers and library facilities are available.  And the best thing is that, coffee is free.

Minnesota Zoo 

One of the reasons people flock to the city of Apple Valley is the presence of the nationally famous Minnesota Zoo which opened last May 22, 1978.  What is unique about this zoo is the fact that the animals are arranged according to their species. Thee exhibits have also been properly organized according to five themes. 

Northern Trail features animals located in North

The ¾ mile walk trail will enable visitors to see various animals from the North including the Amus Tiger, Mexican Wolf, Bactrian camel, Prezewalski’s Horse and the Woodland caribou.

Minnesota Trail

The newly-renovated trail boasts of the new North Woods Look.  Visitors will be able to see animals that are naturally found in Minnesota including the Wolverine, River Otter, Canadian Lynx, American Beaver and Cougar.

Tropics Trail

So much for the outdoors; this is an indoor trail but designed to make the visitors feel like they are actually in the tropics.  Among the animals that can be seen here are the Binturong, White Cheeked, Tree-kangaroo, and the Komodo dragon.

Discovery Bay

Visitors who are fond of marine life will enjoy the marine wildlife theme of the Discovery Bay trail.  This activity and marine center boasts of


Huge aquariums which afford visitors the chance to actually touch various marine resources in their actual environment like sharks, starfish and rays. They will also enjoy the performance of the 42-year old male Dolphin named Semo as well as his 5-year old daughter named Spree. The Dolphin Stadium can seat around 800 guests at one time.  This part of the zoo is also witness to a tragedy when three of their dolphins died in a span of one year.  Among the animals that can be seen here are the Grey Nurse Shark, Leopard Shark, Swellshark, Horn Shark and the Bottlenose Dolphin.

Wells Fargo Family Farm

Those who want to interact with the animal closely will have a grand time at this trail as they will be allowed to pet the animals. While it has a wide variety of farm animals like pigs, chickens, sheep, goats and cows, this part of the zoo only opens early spring due to budget constraints.


The City of Apple Valley is actually a small community of responsible people who puts a high premium on education and the co-existence of the residents.  Business is not the only thing brewing here but also the social life of its people.


Apple Valley 


Located in the southeastern ring of Twin Cities suburbs, Apple Valley, Minnesota has had a long standing tradition of being a family-oriented community that prides itself on safety and commitment to education and youth. Although two thirds of the city’s households are married couples, and nearly half have children, it is also a place that attracts many individuals because of its close location to Minneapolis and because of its quiet, relaxed pace of life. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or are looking for something different, Apple Valley real estate has many options that will be sure to satisfy a wide variety of needs.


Apple Valley is one of the larger and more affluent suburbs of the Twin Cities. With over 45,000 residents, this suburb is the fifteenth largest city in the state of Minnesota. Because of this, Apple Valley is able to maintain a strong community identity, while still remaining close enough to the Twin Cities to accommodate business commuters and those seeking to take advantage of the city’s recreational amenities. The median household income for the city is nearly $70,000, and its poverty rate hovers around two percent. It’s financial success is seen throughout the community, and is reflected in the real estate, as well as the excellent educational system provided by Apple Valley.


One of the most interesting and attractive features of the Apple Valley educational system is its dedication to developing “magnet” schools, or schools that carry an advanced focus of study for its students. This fall, three elementary-level magnet schools are being opened, carrying themes of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), International Studies, and Arts and Sciences, respectively. These three elementary schools will complement the successful School of Environmental Studies for high-school level students. These focused schools offer an alternative to the mainstream, comprehensive school system, and provides parents with several viable options in order to stimulate and accommodate the needs of their children.

Apple Valley provides some of the most superb real estate in the surrounding Metro Area. Many of the available homes are exquisite, multi-story mansions that reach into the millions; at the same time, there are a number of excellent single-family homes available in safe neighborhoods at more affordable prices for those individuals or families looking to start out. There are certainly many factors to consider, and of course, many options available. I encourage you to contact me if you are even considering purchasing a home; I want to help you find the home that is right for you.


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