ARDEN HILLS 

If safety for you and your family is a paramount concern then nothing beats living in Arden Hills in Minnesota.  Arden Hills was named after France’s Ardennes Forest. However, residents claim that the name Arden was also taken from one of the hobby farms built by millionaire and Senator Joseph Hackey.


This city is known for being the location of popular schools, seminaries and other organizations like the Bethel University and Seminary, the Northwestern College, Mounds View High School and the Catholic Aid Association.


Arden Hills’s peace and order is commendable, with one violent crime rate for every 1,000 people.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation has recorded 10 violent crimes in 2003, with zero statistics on murder and homicide.


The city, which belongs to the Twin Cities North area, provides a friendly atmosphere common among small towns yet it boasts of a good quality of life characterized by modern healthcare, low crime rate, quality educational system, low unemployment rate and affordable housing.


Population Profile 

As of the 2000 census, Arden Hills was occupied only by 9,652 people who make up the 2,228 families living in 2,959 households.  Arden hills’ population is slightly young with a median age of 36 years. Majority or 92.81% of the population are Whites followed by Asians (3.64%) and Hispanics or Latinos (1.36%). The rest is a mixture of African Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and other races.


Residents enjoy higher income with an average income of $64,773 for every household and an average income of $72,236 for every family.  Only 3.9% of the population is classified as living below the poverty line.



Arden Hills possess a bustling business community due to its accessibility to I-694 as well I-35W.  It has highly-skilled human resources that are able to meet the demands of big corporations like Land O’Lakes, Boston Scientific and Syntegra.


Arden Hills is well situated to meet the needs of business.  Corporations such as Boston Scientific, Land O' Lakes, and Syntegra have made Arden Hills their home. 


Most of the population or about 4,160 people use their own means of transportation like a car or a motorcycle while 428 people travel by foot.  Only about 37 people use public transportation.  Transportation is fairly easy in Arden Hill and it usually takes around 29 minutes to go to work via a public transportation and around 18 minutes through other means of transportation.


Arden Hills Snippets 

·         Lake Johanna, along which Arden Hills is located, used to be a resting place for the Sioux people during their journey for the wild-rice harvest.

·         The first settler to break ground in the area was Charles Perry.

·         Arden Hill experienced a rapid growth between 1970-1979 during which a total of 1,065 housing units (which is about 1/3 of the present number of housing units in the city) were built.

·         Arden Hills is the location of the Twin Cities Ammunition Plant or the TCAAP. It sits on almost 2,500 acres of land (around 1/3 of the total area of the city) which was purchased by the federal government during World War II.  

·         A total of 1600 acres of the TCAAP has been turned over to the National Guard and Minnesota Army Reserves, 118 acres to Ramsey County and several acres for the Ramsey County Public Works Facilities, the City Hall and the State of Minnesota.

·         The city government seeks to purchase the remaining land measuring 585 acres to be allocated for housing, commercial, industrial, parks and open space.



Moving in to Arden Hills can be a way of changing your life from a fast-paced one to a more relaxing and less stressful one.  Families can visit one or all of the thirteen parks (with an estimated area of 102 acres in total) and renew their ties by taking long walks and picnics.   The parks are meant for wholesome activities and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  Pets are allowed but dogs must be put on leash and the owners are required to clean up after them.  Here are some outdoor attractions you can choose from:


·         Freeway Park-Despite a small area of only one acre, this neighborhood park has facilities for basketball, a hockey and skating rink, playground equipment and a warming house.

·         Arden Oaks Park-One of the smallest parks in Arden Hill that offers 1.5 acres of open space with a basketball park and a playground for the neighborhood.

·         Arden Manor Park-This 2.5-acre park has a basketball court, a playground and a picnic shelter.

·         Valentine Park-This is a 3-acre park with a softball, baseball and soccer fields, basketball court, playground, a skating rink, trail and a warming house.

·         Ingerson Park-With 5 acres of land, the park has a basketball court as well as a picnic shelter and playground equipment.

·         Hazelnut Park-With 12 acres of land, this park can offer outdoor adventures to those who like to play soccer, softball, basketball and baseball, hockey rinks, picnic shelter and playground equipment, trail as well as a warming house.

·         Crepeau Nature Preserve- With 12.5 acres of land, this park offer various trails to those who want to experience the outdoors.

·         Cummings Park-This 17.5-acre park, which is located near Karth Lake, is easily accessible considering its connection to the trail system.  Park goers will have their fill of adventures with the park’s softball, baseball and soccer fields, hockey rinks, basketball court, picnic shelter and playground equipment, warming house, restrooms and trails.

·         Floral Park-This 20-acre park has softball, baseball and soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, playground equipment and picnic shelter and trails.

·         Perry Park-One of the largest parks, it has 20-hectares of land with facilities for softball, baseball and soccer, hockey rink, trail, picnic shelter and playground equipment, restrooms and a warming house.


 Waste Management 

Recycling is a serious thing in Arden Hills to keep its environment greener and healthier.  The local government encourages the residents to recycle their wastes by regularly picking up their recycled wastes following the two-sort recycling system: mixed rigid which consists of cans, plastics and glass; and mixed fibers which consists of paper products like junk mail, cardboard, newspapers, and magazines.


Those who are moving in to Minnesota should take note that the state considers the dumping of wastes like computer monitors and televisions illegal.  Electronic materials such as these can be brought to electronic recycling center which recycle electronic materials for a fee.


At Arden Hills, quality of life and safety of its residents are a primary concern.  It may not exhibit the hustle and bustle of big city life but it sure does provide peace of mind to those who want to live a stress-free life.

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