Blaine was named in honor of former senator and presidential candidate James G. Blaine.


Blaine City bustles with business activities due to its ideal location in Anoka County in Minnesota.  It can be accessed from the east via Interstate 35W and Highway 65 which runs through the center. The new access point is State Highway 10 which connects to the north metro, the south and the west.


It may be one of the biggest cities in Minnesota in terms of population but it offers both the serenity of a small town and the comforts of a big city.  Those moving into Blaine City will find a perfect balance of living a healthy life while building a career and enjoying life’s little joys.  Just like most of the cities within the area of Twin Cities North, Blaine enjoys a low crime rate and high quality of education.  It is an ideal place for those thinking of corporate relocation, employee relocation or residential relocation as it offers affordable housing and quality healthcare.


Population profile 

People flock to Blaine because it offers the rustic and suburban lifestyle of a small town and yet it is easily accessible to the downtown areas of St. Paul (30km) and Minneapolis (21 km).  It started with a small population of only 1,694 sometime in the 1950s and grew to 20,640 in the 1970s.  As of the 2000 census, Blaine’s population has ballooned to 44,942 consisting of 15,898 households that are occupying 16,169 housing units.  There are estimates that the population count as of 2003 is already 50,425.


Majority or 93.46% of the population are Whites followed by Asians (2.54%) and Hispanics or Latinos (1.72%).  The rest of the population is a mix of other races, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and African Americans.  The population is remarkably young with a media age of 33 years.


Considering its population, Blaine claims to have only 3% of the total population living below the poverty line.  The average income for each household is also relatively big at $59,219 while the average income per family is also considered significant at $63,831.


Blaine is the hometown of NHL player Brandon Bochenski, Chicago White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams and Minnesota Golden Gophers quarterback Bryan Cupito.



Despite its rapid growth, Blaine has managed to preserve much of its history.  It became an independent city only after 1877 but before that, Blaine was just a part of Anoka.  The first known settler in the city is an Irish by the name of Philip Laddy, after whom the Laddie Lake was named.  However, the record of being Blaine’s first permanent goes to Green Chambers. 


Blaine was not a good agricultural area considering its sandy soils and vast wetlands.  This, farmers shied away from the city and this led to the slow growth of Blaine.  It was the development of the State Highway 65, Interstate 35-W and Route 10 which increased the city’s potential for growth and respectively for commercial and housing development.

Business in Blaine is very promising, with over 200 industries located in the area.  It is the location of 11 industrial parks as well as the headquarters of big companies like Dayton Rogers Manufacturing Co., Arrow Cyrogenics, Inc., Aveda Bermo, Inc. and General Pattern. Blaine’s competitive advantage over the other cities includes its accessibility, the competitive cost of land in the area, a thriving industrial base and a pool of skilled labor.


A new entrant to Blaine’s business sector is Infinite Campus, a company engaged in technology.  The 110,000 square-foot company headquarters, which will be constructed in a 25-acre lot near Lochness Lake, is expected to hire an estimated 500 employees. 


Infinite Campus is a software company engaged in the provision of student information system for schools, local and federal governments catering to K-12 students.

Where to go 

Blaine is not all business.  It is home to parks, open spaces and other recreational establishments.  Here are some of the best places to see and visit whether you are a Blaine resident or a visitor.


National Sports Center

Known as the largest soccer complex worldwide, the Center regularly hosts top sporting events such as hockey, track and field, soccer and cycling.  It boasts of an Olympic-caliber training facility.  It hosted the USA Broomball National Championships this year and is being eyed as the location of a new facility that will be used by the Minnesota Vikings professional football team.


Fogerty Arena

With two ice sheets inside the facility, this place is an ideal location for indoor soccer and hockey.



There are more than 60 parks in the city and it offers diverse recreational facilities like fields for ball games and picnics.  Residents and visitors can trek over 70 miles of trails in the city.

Golf Courses  KateHavenGold Course

For avid golfers, Blaine offers the 9-hole par 30 KateHaven Golf Course located around 20 minutes of downtown Minneapolis.  The rolling hills and hazards consisting of water and mature oak trees will definitely attract beginner and intermediate golfers who need the perfect course to practice their putt.

NYGC Victory Links Golf Course

The Victory Links 18-hole events golf course, which has six tee boxes, was intended for young people and their families.  On the other hand, the 18-hole Tournament Greens Putting Course can be a good option for those who want to enjoy golf with friends.  The golf course has an oversized driving range, a clubhouse and a pro shop.



Housing services in Blaine is very affordable.  If you are planning to move in then you might want to take note of the services offered by the Blaine Home Improvement Loan Program and the Rental Housing Program.  For first time home buyers in Minnesota, a linkage with the North Metro 135W Corridor Coalition Housing Subcommittee and the Affordable Housing Coalition would be a good idea.


Those moving in to Minnesota can also get in touch with the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency if they want to avail of mortgage loans that have fixed rates and are being offered at low interest rates.  More than $4 million has been allocated last year for first time home buyers who would qualify for the loan.


There are plenty of housing opportunities in Blaine and new residents can choose from the various housing models available including townhomes, starter homes and executive homes.  The secret is in choosing the housing programs that will fit you considering your lifestyle and budget.

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