An extremely thriving family community, Chanhassen, Minnesota is home to nearly 24,000 people. Though small in size, it makes up for it in character and its offerings for its residents. With a wide variety of community events, attractive and safe residential neighborhoods, and an easy access to the Twin Cities, Chanhassen is becoming one of the more coveted areas for people living in the city who are looking to move to the suburbs. If you are in the market for a new home, I hope you consider Chanhassen real estate.

One of the real perks of Chanhassen life is the surprising amount of entertainment offered right within the city limits. Probably the most well-known of these is the always-popular Chanhassen Dinner Theater. As a fully professional theater company, their season is always well-stocked with some of the most famous Broadway musicals, contemporary dramas and family shows. Additionally, Chanhassen offers a great movie theater, and a sparkling downtown with some top-notch restaurants and bars. If outdoor recreation is more your style, Chanhassen offers two golf courses, twelve lakes, and nearly 500 acres of land for parks. Whether you are looking to spend time with your kids on the weekend, or just a nice evening out with your spouse, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy life in Chanhassen.


Because of its close proximity to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, many residents commute to the city for work. The city of Chanhassen, however, is very committed to creating employment within the city limits to continue its economic growth. If you are looking to start your own business, this sprouting community is a great location to consider. Since 1995, Chanhassen has added three million square feet of commercial and industrial space, which included approximately 550 businesses that employ over 9,500 people. This community is certainly on the rise, and with real estate prices currently dropping, the time has never been better to invest in Chanhassen real estate.

If you are a first-time home-buyer, there are plenty of wonderful and spacious single-family homes currently available. Many of these are available at very reasonable prices and would be perfect for those starting out. If you are looking for something a little larger, Chanhassen offers some stunning multi-story homes in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the entire Metro area. If you are single, there are also plenty of great condominiums and townhouses available at affordable rates. Regardless of your individual needs, there are a wealth of opportunities, and I urge you to contact me to learn more about your options.


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Additional Chanhassen Minnesota information:


Chanhasen, which means “sugar-maple tree”, is a small community in the counties of Carver and Hennepin in the State of Minnesota. 


With an estimated population of 23,889 (April 1, 2007), Chanhassen has 14,427 acres in 24 square miles. Most of the City is located within Carver County; however, 154 acres in eastern Chanhassen are located in Hennepin County.


Chanhassen is a great place for those raising a family as it has a clean environment with twelve lakes including Silver Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Marsh Lake, Lotus Lake, Lake Susan, Lake St. Joe, Lake Minnewashta, Lake Riley, Lake Ann, Lake Lucy, Harrison Lake and Christmas Lake.


The city is strategically located with five major highways traversing along the community so it is easily accessible to and from other communities.  There are also ideal educational facilities including two public school district and several private schools.


If you are considering corporate relocation or employee relocation then Chanhassen is an ideal place because it has a thriving and bustling business sector with a fresh influx of 3 million square feet of industrial and commercial space and 550 businesses that provides employment to an estimated 10,000 people.


Aside from attractive and refreshing lakes, the city boasts of 500-acre of park system as well as 55 miles of free space and trails for in-line skating, biking, walking and running.  Senior citizens will also appreciate the Chanhassen Senior Center which offers place for socialization and other programs for people aged 55 or over.


Each month is activity-filled in Chanhassen thanks to the support of the business community.  If you are still undecided about relocating to Chanhassen then make sure you try their monthly activities like the February Festival, the July 4 Celebration, Halloween party or go there with your kids for the Tree Lighting Ceremony.


Chanhassen claims to have one of the slowest growth pace in the State of Minnesota with farming as the only thriving means of livelihood.  Among the first settlers in the area are Germans Joseph Vogel and Joseph Kessler whose families intermarried.


The community officially adopted the name Chanhassen during a town meeting in 1858. The Village of Chanhassen was officially incorporated in 1896 and during this time, the State bank of Chanhassen was also established. 


It was a slow growth for Chanhassen both in terms of population and economy until the 1960s when the city saw the construction of their first mini mall which houses a restaurant, hardware and grocery.  With the merger of the surrounding township as well as the Village in 1967 followed the establishment of the City of Chanhassen with a population of 4,200.  Business in the area bloomed with the relocation of home builder Herb Bloomberg who built a lumber, hardware and a 600-seat theater in the city in 1968.


By the 1970s, Chanhassen was a city brewing with commercial and industrial development.  The city is unique because most of the city’s area is located in Carver County while about 154 acres are located in Hennepin County.


Today, Chanhassen has really come a long way from being an underdeveloped farming community.

 Community Profile 

Chanhassen has a population of 20,321 people as of the 2000 Census.  Chanhassen’s population was unofficial pegged at 23,889 as of 2007.  Majority or 94.90% of the population are Whites followed by Asians (2.83%), African Americans (.75%), Native Americans (.15%) and a mix of other races. 

With an estimated population of 23,889 (April 1, 2007),


The population of the city is fairly young with an average age of 34 years.  A greater portion of the population or 34.6% are below 18 years of age while a mere 4.5% of the population are aged 65 years or over.


Chanhassen residents are well-off and lead an easy life with an average family income of $93,092 and an average household income of $84,215.  The city’s per capita income is however only $36,008 with only 1.4% of the total number of families and 1.9% of the total population living below the poverty line.


At least 49.5% of the residents of Chanhassen have college degrees as well as graduate degrees and this can be one factor for the high income earning capacity of the residents.


Chanhassen is expected to experience a more robust economic growth in the future with the efforts of the Chanhassen Economic Development Authority or EDA. EDA is tasked with investments promotion, industrial development expansion as well as development of blighted areas in the city.  Its efforts have resulted to $60 million worth of industrial development, $35 million worth of commercial development as well as in 8,000 new jobs for the residents of Chanhassen.  EDA has also assisted in providing families with moderate incomes as well as senior citizens rental housing opportunities.


Among the financial institutions with branches in the city are the American Community Bank with $183.9 million in bank assets and $163.9 million worth of deposits; U.S. Bank National Association with $217,802.3 million in bank assets and $135,903.1 million worth of deposits; TCF National Bank with $14,749.0 million in bank assets and $9,880.2 million deposits; Community Bank Corporation with $134.8 million in bank assets and $115.8 million in deposits and Wells Fargo Bank with $398,671.0 million in bank assets and $311,546.0 million in deposits.


Chanhassen has achieved a 50% development achievement rate as of the year 200 with 7,013 housing units.  However, the city is expected to continue its population and housing growth in the next 20 years.  Despite its rapid growth, the city is still a community of homeowners with more than 88% of all the housing units occupied by the owners.  There is however a noticeable rise in the number of houses for rent due to the changing rate in taxes for apartment and homes for rent.


Of the total housing stock available in the city, only 99 have been classified as vacant housing units.  The city has also noted a rise in the number of house construction since 1984 with a projection of 300 new housing units rising every year up to the year 2020.


This development can be good news for you if you are eyeing corporate relocation or employee relocation in Chanhassen.  It may be a good idea to take advantage of the booming business and housing industry in the area if you want to settle in the city for good.


Here is a link to the City of Chanhassen website:

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