One of the most growing communities near the Twin Cities, Chaska is enjoying some national fame. In the year 2007, it was ranked eighth on CNN’s Top 100 places to live, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With a beautiful downtown area, safe and reasonably priced residential neighborhoods, and a prime location of only 25 miles from Minneapolis, Chaska is one of the hidden secrets of the greater Metro Area. If you are considering buying a home for you and your family, the time has never been better to explore Chaska real estate.


It should be noted Chaska currently has a population of around 22,500 people. Part of the reason it has maintained such a contained population is that no direct route to the Twin Cities is currently available. That is all about to change. The construction of U.S. Route 212 will provide Chaska residents with an easily accessible drive to the city, as well as an improvement in mass transit. Because of this, it is estimated that the population will grow by fifty percent over the next fifteen years. Chaska is truly on the rise, and with real estate prices at such low prices, the time has never been better to get a jump on the market.

But don’t expect Chaska to sacrifice the small-town charm that appeals to its residents. The city of Chaska is highly committed to providing a safe, family friendly atmosphere, and is further committed to its extensive park and recreation system that is frequently cited as one of the best in the state. Members of the Chaska community can often be found walking along some of the most scenic trails in the area, or spending time with their children at the top-notch playgrounds the city offers.

In terms of real estate, there is plenty to offer regardless of family size or financial situation. Chaska boasts some of the best real estate deals in the area, which is part of the reason it rated so high on CNN’s list. If you are seeking to start out, many currently available single family homes offer a great deal of space and many are very affordably priced. If you are looking for something a bit larger, there are a number of multi-story homes on the market that will allow your children to spread out a bit more. If you are single, you can find excellent deals on some wonderful condominiums near the downtown area, giving you an opportunity to feel more inside the community. Regardless of your criteria, I encourage you to contact me. I would be happy to help you learn your options and assist you in finding the home that is perfect for you.


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Additional Chaska Minnesota information:



Chaska has been included among the Top 100 places to live in the United States.  It was cited as the 8th Best City in the United States in a national poll held in 2007. Among the considerations before a city can be included in the list includes the size of the city as well as the combined peace and order, economic opportunities, education and community development.


The strength of this city by the River in Carver County lies in its strong history and tradition as well as it foresight in preparing for a bountiful future.  It has a small town image but has since changed to a metropolitan community after 1950 particularly after the seven country metropolitan area was expanded.  By 1960, the Jonathan New Town concept has been introduced in Chaska and it has promoted new job opportunities to the community.


Chaska is at present the top choice not only among corporate relocation or employee relocation but also among industrial companies.  The city’s housing sector is also on the rise with at least 300 new houses being constructed every year.  Despite this, the city has managed to maintain its rich cultural heritage because of sound planning and strict regulation by the local government,


The city is a mere 25 miles away from Minneapolis but it offers the sweet smell of rural living with farmlands and lots of open fields within the city.  But don’t let this fool you because it is also the site of biotech firms and other technology-based companies.


If your family is looking at corporate relocation then Chaska is an ideal option because it is a natural magnet for individuals and families looking for quality living, low taxes and reasonably-priced abodes.


Like almost all the cities in Minnesota, Chaska’s history is peppered with Native American influences. The ancient communities of the Mound Builders were the first to occupy Chaska even before 1769 followed by the Sioux.  The economic growth in the area was highly influenced by the fur trade since French Canadian fur traders were doing business with the Dakota as early as the 1800s.  Chaska, which was then known as Little Rapids, was opened to settlers in 1851 by virtue of the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux.


True to its Sioux influences, the name Chaska comes from a Dakota word which is often associated with the male first born.  The incorporation of Chaska Village came in 1871 and as a city in 1891.


Because of the number and quality of its clay resources Chaska was known for its brick making industry in 1857.  However, rapid expansion in the area began only in 1873 after the St. Louis Railroad was built.  Then the growth and development of other industries including the making of flour and butter, the canning of corn, peas and tomatoes and sauerkraut and pickles curing came all at once in the 20th century.

 Community Profile 

Chaska has a population of 22,467 people as of the year 2005.  A great majority of the residents are Whites (93.71%) followed by Asians (1.67%), African Americans (1.02%) and those from other races.


The city’s population is fairly young with an average age of 32 years. Only a minor percentage or 5.8% of the population are aged 65 years or over while 32.5% are below 18 years old.


The average income of $69,612 for every family and $60,325 for every household is comparable to the other cities in Minnesota.  Chaska has a per capita income of $25,368 with at least 4.7% of the population and 3.4% of the total families living below the poverty level.


The average home price in Chaska is $272,932 compared to the State of Minnesota’s $359,352.


Investing in Chaska’s real estate is very viable since most corporate relocations and employee relocation are looking at the city’s small town atmosphere and proximity to the other Minnesota cities as an added value.  The city offers a lot in terms of recreation being the site of the Hazeltine National Golf Club which is considered a world-class facility and a venue for the PGA and the US Open.

Chaska’s community center is also one of the best in the United States with quality facilities for swimming, basketball, weigh lifting, skating and other outdoor and indoor sports.


One of the attractions making Chaska a preferred real estate site is the city’s heritage reflected by the ancient mounds erected by the ancient inhabitants of the area.  There are lots of real estate choices including homes for sale, condominiums and apartments for rent.  Make sure to check out the reputable real estate agents in the city to get eh best deal possible.


The US Highway 212 freeway construction which passes right through the center of Chaska will provide one of the fastest and most efficient links to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The establishment of a bus rapid transit route in the area thanks to the freeway is expected to make Chaska a more attractive area for corporate relocation and employee relocation especially for people who may be working in the highly industrialized and developed Twin Cities but would like to live in a rustic environment that Chaska offers.


As of 2006, homes in Chaska are being sold at and average price of $272,932 with a corresponding average property tax of $2,752. With an expected population increase of 50% in the next 15 years, it might be a good idea to invest in real estate in Chaska today.  Because several years from now, all the ideal areas may have already been purchased and are no longer available for you.


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