Coon Rapids 

Aside from being known as the fifth largest city among the suburbs of the Twin Cities of St. Pal and Minneapolis, Coon Rapids is also known as Minnesota’s ninth largest city.  However, the attraction of Coon Rapids lies in what the city has to offer in terms of business, affordable housing and quality living.


Coon Rapids offers a variety of options for housing and pleasurable living thanks to an extensive system of trails and parks.  It is also an ideal place to do business given its population and the fact that it is home to the Anoka-Ramsey Community College.  The city offers a wide array of shopping options specifically the Riverdale Shopping area.


Coon Rapids used to be part of the Anoka Township until 1952 when it was established as a separate village and in 1959 as a city. The name of the city has however become a source of controversy.


Its name was taken from Coon Creek Rapids which is part of the Upper Mississippi River.  The construction of the Coon Rapids Dam which was used as a hydroelectric generator of the area however paved the way for the removal of the turbulent rapids in 1913.    The Dam has been closed since 1966 and is now known as the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.


There is also another group which claims that the name Coon Rapids was named after the raccoons that were found in the Coon Creek rapids and this according to some people gave the name a negative connotation.  The change in the logo of Coon Rapids originally from the image of a raccoon then to an oak leaf and to a raccoon again in 2007 has been a cause of confusion.  However, the city’s name has remained the same after the City Council failed to approve a name change proposal several times.


Despite the controversy as to its name, the residents agree that Coon Rapids has indeed come a long way from being a mere dirt road without electricity to the bustling city that it is now.  The city used to be an agricultural community with large farms measuring 90 to 600 acres.  The first industry in Coon Rapids that was not identified with agriculture was the Anoka Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company.


Right after the construction of the dam by the Mississippi Power Company emerged a small city with over one thousand people.  But still, a far cry to what Coon Rapids is now----a bustling city with regional parks, shopping centers and a host of recreational facilities for its residents.

 Community Profile

Coon Rapids has a total population of 61,607 people distributed into 22,578 households as of the 2000 Census.  Majority of the residents are Whites (93.22%) followed by African Americans (2.18%), Asians (1.60%) and those from other races.  Coon Rapids has a young population with an average age of 33 years old.  Of the total population, 28.7% are below 18 years old and a mere 7.3% are over the age of 65.


The city has a per capita income of $22,915 with 4.8% of the total population and 3.6% of the total number of families living below the poverty line.  Households in the city have an average income of $55,550 while families have an average income of $62,260.


The Dam may have brought power to the city before its closure but now it brings joy to the people during summer months when it is used as a recreational pool.  The Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park is likewise the venue of numerous community events especially concerts and pageants.


Another recreational facility in the city is the Cook Ice Arena which was seen in the movie Mighty Ducks.  Independence Day is always a site to behold because of the fireworks held at the Sand Creek Park.  The Park is also a favorite venue for skateboarding competitions. 


If you are looking for a place for employee relocation or corporate relocation then Coon Rapids is an ideal place especially for those who are bringing their families with them.  There are lots of recreational facilities that the whole family can frequent including Lilliput which boasts of bumper boats, Go-karts and mini golf, Cheap Skate for indoor skating, and Grand Slam where the whole family can enjoy batting cages.


Golfers will greatly appreciate the greens of the Bunker Hills Golf Course which is not only world famous but is also the venue of the Senior PGA Tour.


Business and employment opportunities abound in Coon Rapids. The various businesses in the city including 40 manufacturing companies provide an estimated 23,400 employment opportunities to its residents.  It is also an ideal business location with more than two million square feet of space available for various establishments.

There are lots of buildings and real estate properties for sale in the city which would be attractive for industrial and commercial development.  The city’s strategic location and access to Highway 10 and Highway 610 makes it an ideal location for business and residential purposes as well.

Among the major employers in Coon Rapids are:  Anoka-Hennepin School District with 4,500 workers, Mercy Medical Center with 3,300 workers, Honeywell Incorporated with 690 workers, Coon Rapids Medical Center with 482 workers, Anoka-Ramsey Community College with 441 workers, Semiconductor & Other Electronic Component with 321 workers, John Roberts Company with 315 workers, Metal & Mineral Merchant 237 workers, Ramsey Technology Incorporated with 195 workers and Modern Tool Incorporated with182 workers.


There are plenty of reasons for choosing Coon Rapids as a relocation site for your family.  However, the top reason why most people choose the city is due to the various housing opportunities it offers.


The Coon Rapids Housing and Redevelopment Authority continues to implement the Scattered Site Acquisition Program and if you are planning to get a house in the city then the program can be a possible source of single family lots for sale.  However, you will be required to submit a house plan that complies with the Housing Authority’s design criteria prior to the sale.


You can also consider applying for a homestead credit whereby your general property tax is reduced provided it is applied to your primary place of residence.  To qualify for the homestead credit you should be a property owner or a relative of one of the owners provided you meet all the qualifications.  The property should also be your primary place of residence.



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