GOLDEN VALLEY 

Golden Valley, Minnesota is a city of only 20,281 people but it is the location of the General Mills corporate headquarters, Breck School and the Perpich Center for Arts Education.


Major League Baseball pitcher Aaron Sele, National Hockey League Member Jordan Leopold, KQRS Host Tom Barnard and Golf instructors Gerald McCullagh (who was cited as one of the Top 100 instructors by Golf Magazine) are among the famous people who were once residents of Golden Valley.

Population profile 

Majority or 91.07% of the city’s residents are Whites, followed by African Americans (3.59%) and Asians (2.87%).  The 2000 Census indicated the existence of 8,449 households and 8,589 housing units. Most of these households or 55.5% consist of married couples while around 26.5% are households with minor children.  Compared to the nearby cities, majority of the population is quite matured with a median age of 43 years.


The fact that only 0.8% of the total number of families (or roughly 3% of the entire population) in Golden Valley live below poverty line and each household has a median income of $62,063 speaks well of the city’s vibrant economy.


Here are the educational facilities in Golden valley, which may be of help to those considering professional or employee relocation but are hesitant because they have school-age children:

·         Robbinsdale School District

·         Hopkins School District

·         Good Shepherd Catholic School

·         Breck School

Major Attractions

There are quite a number of places to go in Golden Valley whether you want indoor or outdoor adventure.  Here are among the favorite hang outs of both residents and visitors:

Brookview Community Center

The Center which is located at Brookview Parkway is a favorite venue for private and public occasions like weddings and birthdays or even meetings.  It has community rooms that can accommodate as many as 200 people whether for business or private gatherings.  It is also the location of the Golden Valley Seniors Centers and the Park and Recreation Department Offices.

Brookview Golf Course

The city-owned and operated golf course boasts of the following facilities;

·         18-hole regulation course

·         9-hole par 3

·         Driving range

·         Golf shop

Parks and Trails

Golden Valley has wide open spaces allocated for parks and trails.  In fact, over 1,035 acres or almost 15% of the city’s land has been allocated for parks and open spaces.  Take a look at some of these walkway and trails:

·         Bassett Creek-7.6 acres

·         Briarwood Bird Sanctuary-19 acres

·         General Mills Headquarters-29 acres

·         General Mills Research-57 acres

·         Laurel Ave Greenbelt-34.5 acres

·         Mary Hills-14.2 acres

·         Pennsylvania Woods-22.6 acres

·         Rice Lake-9.3 acres

·         Westerb Ave Marsh-21 acres


Residents as well as those relocating to Golden Valley can look forward to the great outdoors.  Here are some of the wonderful city parks:

  1. Brookview Park-With 33 acres in its possession, Brookview is known as the largest park in Golden Valley.  It has six tennis courts, two picnic shelters, three grills, two sand volleyball courts, softball field, basketball court, playground equipment and horseshoe pit.
  2. Gearty Park-It has 4.7 acres of land dedicated to walkways and trails, basketball and tennis courts, softball and soccer fields, game squares, warming house as well as skating rinks
  3. Sweeny Lake Park-Categorized as a small park with only one acre of land dedicated to playground equipment and some walkway and trails.  However, it has a dock for small canoe launch.

The Golden Valley community believes in the American Dream.  As a result of this community vision of creating an ideal suburb, they came up with a shared vision for the future of Golden Valley. “Envision Golden Valley” is spearheaded by over 70 volunteers who were trained to make this vision a reality. Believing in community participation and in the principle of shared responsibility, these volunteers have surveyed the vision of their fellow citizens on six categories:

    • Transportation
    • Community Engagement
    • Development
    • Recreation
    • Environment
    • Government
At least 600 residents responded to their call and expressed their shared vision of achieving a developed but quiet and safe neighborhood and a community growth with less traffic and which responds to social development.  The community vision can be summarized into two basic aspirations: 

1. Creatively Connecting People And Places-which means they laud the access provided by the highway system but they want more safe and quiet neighborhood with natural and open spaces for the community


2. Inspiring Care For Community-which means that while they value development, they place more importance on the basics like family, social relationships and protection of the environment including their wildlife, parks, air water, streets as well as the safety of the residents


To maintain the quality of life in Golden Valley, the local government has imposed rules that should be followed by residential home owners and even by other commercial establishments.  Realtors who are brokering homes for sale or real estate investments should make sure their clients are well aware of these rules.

Local Ordinances 

One of the ways by which the local government intervenes in Golden Valley is through property maintenance.  This may be a personal issue but to maintain the real estate market value of the area, the local government has imposed the Residential Property maintenance Code of 2007.


Due to receiving up to 40 complaints per month on the average, the local government has seen it important to address issues pertaining to deteriorating residential properties as early as possible.  Thus, it is taking a proactive stance on this matter.


The Code also requires the mowing and maintenance of lawns especially during the season when trees and other plants are experiencing faster growth.   A warning will be sent to violators and when nothing is done to correct this, the city will take care of the maintenance but will bill the owner for the work.  Aside from this, the Code prohibits the disposal of garbage (including tree waste) in solid waste facilities.  The city also puts a premium on waste recycling.


Golden Valley should be classified as golden not for anything else but for its visions of a quality life for its people.

Here is a link to the City Of Golden Valley website:

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