HENNEPIN COUNTY 

Hennepin County was named in honor of Father Louis Hennepin, a French missionary and explorer who is also known for recording the history of the Minnesota area for the Western World.  It is one of the 87 counties in the State of Minnesota, to which the Minneapolis-St. Paul area belongs, with Minneapolis as its county seat.


As the location of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Hennepin County is considered the most populated county in the State.



Just like all the other largely-populated counties in Minnesota (including St. Louis and Ramsey), Hennepin County has seven commissioners.  The other counties only have 5 commissioners to govern each county.  The commissioners govern and administer the county’s operations including the appointment of county employees like the county recorder, country treasurer and the medical examiner.


Hennepin is adjacent to Scott County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, Carver County and Wright County.


 Population Profile 

Hennepin County is highly populated and has a population of 1,116,200 million as of the 2000 Census.  However, a 42% population growth was noted in 2004 bringing the population to 1,120, 897.The County is mostly inhabited by Whites (80.53%), followed by Blacks or African Americans (8.95%), Asians (4.80%), Native Americans, and those from other races


The County’s population is fairly young with an average age of 35, with 24% below 18 years old and 11% over 65 years old.  Hennepin County residents are economically blessed, with a per capita income of $28,789 and with only 8.30% of the total population living below poverty line. 

 Census 2000 highlights: Largest county in the state (by population); ranked first in the state for population growth during the 1990s; led the state in per-capita income ($40,126 in 1998 

Hennepin County is famous for leading the State of Minnesota in terms of being the wealthiest county in the state with a per capita income of $40,126 way back in 1998 and the most populated county.  It is also included among the Top 100 counties in the United States with the highest earnings.



Planning for corporate relocation or employee relocation?  Hennepin County offers some of the best colleges and universities for your children.  If you prefer a Minneapolis school then you can opt for Dunwoody College of Technology, Minneapolis Community and Technical College and the University of Minnesota.  There are other colleges like the Anoka=Hennepin Technical College, Hennepin Technical College and the Normandale Community College.


Majority of Hennepin County’s residents are highly educated with 90.6% of the resident adults having a high school diploma and 39.1% with bachelor’s degree or higher educational attainment.



Hennepin County’s booming economy suffered a slight setback due to the smoking ban which was implemented in 2005.  Clients who used to flock into the County clubs were turned off by the law banning indoor smoking on all establishments including bars. This has convinced officials to exclude bars located outside of the main areas of Golden Valley, Bloomington and Minneapolis from the ban since the said cities already have their own anti-smoking ordinances anyway.


Unemployment rate in the County as of 2006 is a mere 3.5% and is ranked number 2,514 in the US.  Its poverty rate as of 2004 data is 9.3% and ranked 2546 in the US.


Wages in the County are high with workers in the finance and insurance sectors receiving an average of $87,798 followed by the manufacturing sector with an average wage of $58,651 per job, transportation and warehousing sector with an average wage of $49,540 and the health care sector with an average wage of $45,510.

Sales transactions in the County are levied a 15% sales tax effective August 2006 and will take effect for a period of 30 years.  The earnings from the sales tax will be used to fund the construction of the Minnesota Twin’s baseball stadium under the management of the Minnesota Ballpark Authority.



There were 55,240 crime incidents in Hennepin County as of the year 2000 based on statistics presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The data however covers only the offenses reported by concerned individuals and groups to the FBI and does not cover the latter’s law enforcement activities.


Larceny of theft was at the top of the list with 35,705 incidents during that period followed by burglary (7,652), motor vehicle theft (5,454), aggravated assault (2,904), and robbery (2,366). 


Relocating in any of the cities in Hennepin County is advantageous for people who want to live the good life which means a balanced environment of business and pleasure.  Those who have decided on corporate relocation or employment relocation in the County found out that relaxation is easy in Hennepin with the availability of more than 27 thousand acres of parks.


The Park District alone is enough to respond to the relaxation needs of both residents and visitors (with at least 4 million visitors every year) as it boasts of facilities for cross country skiing, snowboarding, boating and fishing, in-line skating, hiking trails and a lot more.  One good thing about the Park is that only 20% of the area has been allotted for development while the remaining 80% has to remain in its natural state.


The Three Rivers is another natural attraction of Hennepin County.  It was named as such because the facilities are located in watershed areas that flow into the rivers of Crow, Minnesota and Mississippi.


With the establishment of a $3 million Affordable Housing Fund in 2002, Hennepin is more than ready to provide housing facilities to its residents and for those who wish to relocate in the County.  A total of 295 housing units were built and 250 existing units were preserved through the Fund.  There are also housing programs for senior citizens and disabled residents.

If you are relocating in the County, make sure to contact your local real estate agent as they can give you a choice of affordable houses for sale.  You can also choose from the various housing facilities available in the County including condominiums and apartments.

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