New Hope

This Minneapolis suburb used to be a farming community in the Township of Crystal Lake.  With the incorporation of Crystal Lake as a city in 1936 came the formation of the New Hope Township. 

New Hope in Hennepin County is just ten miles to downtown Minneapolis which is roughly 15 to 20 minutes away.  The existence of three industrial parks in the city is evident of its strong industrial base but this has not been a hindrance to the maintenance of well-kept residential areas and acres of park land.

One of the advantages of relocating to New Hope is its strategic location and its easy accessibility thanks to the four major intestate highways.  New Hope is only minutes away from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as well as to the Twin Cities.  The city also has a well developed transportation system making its easier to travel not only within the city but also from New Hope to other Minnesota suburbs.

New Hope is one of the Minnesota cities that figured at the top of a recent survey with 89% of its residents rating the quality of life in the city as either good or excellent.  However, this has not stopped the local government from implementing new programs and projects to improve the vital infrastructures in the city including its streets and parks.  There are ongoing infrastructure development projects financed out of the property taxes collected by the city.  However, owners of the different properties in New Hope are not levied tax assessments to pay for the various street improvements in the city which can reach up to $8,000 in other neighborhoods.

The city may be a fully developed community but there is still a lot of room for growth in terms of the city’s population and economy.


It may be hard to imagine but this booming suburb used to be a farming community of the Crystal Lake Township in the 1900s.  However, with Crystal Lake Township’s bid for cityhood came the additional obligations in the form of taxes. The rural community members who were not happy about this decided to form the New Hope Township and ultimately the City of New Hope in 1953. 

This was ironic since it brought the same tax payment the farmers sought to avoid when they distanced themselves from Crystal Lake City.  However, the farmers became a minority between 1936 and 1953 due to the growth of housing in the area. The city’s population grew from 600 when it was incorporated to 24,000 by 1971.

Despite its quest to compete with the growth of nearby cities, New Hope was developed as an urban village thus maintaining the city’s spacious residential areas despite industrialization.  The city has more than 8,500 housing units from single units, twin homes, family units and multiple family units.  The city has also become a haven for senior citizens as they have a lot of choices when it comes to subsidized senior housing.

It boasts of 200 acres of park land as well as recreational facilities like an outdoor theater, an ice arena, a nine-hole golf course and an outdoor swimming pool.

Community Profile

The City of New Hope has 20,873 residents as of the 2000 Census.  However, this figure is expected to increase to 22,500 by 2030.

Most of the residents are Whites (86.66%) followed by African Americans (5.78%), Asian (3.21%), Native Americans (.46%) and those from other races.

Majority of the population are young with an average age of 38 years old.  Of the total population, 21.3% are below 18 years old while 17.8% are over 65 years old.

Despite the per capita income of $23,562, the city has a higher poverty incidence with 4.1 percent of the total number of families and 6.5 percent of the total population living below the poverty line.


The three industrial parks and five commercial centers in the City of New Hope make sure that the city has a solid tax base as well as continued employment for its people.  Business in the city doing great and is expanding with $25,000,000 new investments being poured in the city every year.  The increasing number of new businesses is shown by the 2,000 building permits being issued by the city annually.

New Hope’s commercial and business sector provides an estimated 12,900 employment opportunities for the residents.  Among the largest employers in the city as of 2005 are: Minnesota Masonic Home, a skilled nursing care facility with
900 workers; Simon Delivers, direct selling establishment with 540 workers; St. Therese Care Center, a skilled nursing care facility with 498 workers; Navarre Corporation, a computer company with 480 workers; Liberty Diversified  Industries, a  stationery supplies company with 350 workers; Intermet Foundries with 250 workers;  Oildyne Division with 230 workers; Paddock Laboratories, a
Pharmaceutical & Medicine Manufacturing Company with 200 workers; Waymouth Farms, Inc. with 170 workers and the Dakota Growers Pasta Company with 170 workers.


If you are looking for possible areas for corporate relocation or employee relocation then the City of New Hope is an ideal place because there are various home buying programs in the city.  It is easy to build your dream house here because of the wide array of housing options provided by the city.  As of 1994 alone, there were 4,856 single family housing units in the city which are owner occupied.

If you are planning to relocate in New Hope then take note that as of 1998, a home in New Hope can have an average market value of $130,000 which has a corresponding average selling price of $152,900.  If you are interested in renting a home in New Hope then take note of the $523 median rent for multiple family housing units as of 1994.

There is a continued increase in the construction of new homes in New Hope with 388 new housing units constructed between 2000 and 2006.  Most homeowners are also improving and expanding their existing homes.

Home buyers in New Hope are assured of quality homes thanks to the Code Compliance Inspection Program of the City which seeks to maintain the value and the condition of the city’s housing stock.  The same program makes sure that before it is sold, every home is inspected and that it conforms to the city’s building code. Those who are planning to avail of homes for rent in the city can also be assured that all town homes, single family units or condominiums and apartments are well maintained prior to renting.

Choosing that perfect place where your family can relocate and where you can invest in real estate is a very tricky job.  However, with prior research and close coordination with the local government concerned as well as with reputable real estate developers you can be assured of finally nailing that quality real estate property for your family.

                                               NEW HOPE

New Hope is a great family-friendly community with a small town feel. These words best describe New Hope, Minnesota, one of the smaller suburbs of Minneapolis. Because of its close proximity to the Twin Cities, many residents who work in the metropolitan area have been attracted to the comfortable, low-key New Hope lifestyle. Additionally, this area is home to some of the best home-owning bargains in the entire Metro Area, so if you are considering where to purchase a home, I highly encourage you to consider New Hope real estate.


Though it has a small population of just over 20,000 residents, the city of New Hope takes great pride in taking care of its community, keeping its residential neighborhoods and parks well-maintained and safe for families. The community places extra emphasis on making it a great place to raise children, and with an extensive park system with a combined area of over 200 acres, in addition to its ice arena, outdoor theater, and outdoor swimming pool complex, there is always a wealth of opportunities to enjoy a weekend afternoon with your kids.


Along with Crystal and Robbinsdale, New Hope strives to make its community and economy strong in order to support new residents within the coming years. One of their current projects is to redevelop existing land for additional housing and commercial projects. So in addition to being an attractive location for prospective business owners, if you have exhausted to real estate market and are looking to build your dream home from the ground up, this is a wonderful and realistic area for you to do so.


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