Inver Grove Heights 

            An excellent family community, Inver Grove Heights is one of the most rapidly developing suburbs in the greater metro area. Because of its close proximity to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, along with its beautiful residential neighborhoods and small-town feel, many people who have lived in the Twin Cities for some time are choosing to relocate to this fantastic area. With real estate currently at such affordable prices, the time has never been better to invest in Inver Grove Heights real estate.


            Although the population currently hovers around 30,000 residents, a large growth is expected in the coming years. Some estimates have the city reaching as high as 44,000 by the year 2020. Because of this, Inver Grove Heights is extremely committed to facilitating more job opportunities and commercial business development. Recently, the city has added several restaurants, a hotel, and a 16-screen movie theater to the wonderful area near Highway 52 and Blaine Avenue. Further development is on its way, so if you are a local business owner, or seeking to start up your own business, this growing community is an excellent location to consider.

            Inver Grove Heights is also strongly committed to maintaining its high reputation as a family-oriented community. Its school district is one of the strongest in the area, and it takes pride in the extensive park system the community has to offer. This sense of nurturing youth and community is reflected wonderfully through the city’s annual Inver Grove Heights Days. With fireworks, a parade, a street dance, and numerous activities and sporting competitions, each September this festival attracts visitors and brings families together to enjoy the celebration.


            In terms of real estate, there is plenty to offer, regardless of your individual criteria. Plenty of attractive single-family homes are currently available at very affordable prices. If you are looking for something larger, there are several beautiful multi-story homes on the market in some fantastic residential neighborhoods. On the other hand, there are also many opportunities to build your dream home from the ground up; if you are interested in taking on a project such as this, there are a series of open lots with many wonderful landscaping opportunities for you to take advantage of. If you simply want to learn more and find out what your options are, I would be glad to set up an appointment with you.


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Inver Grove Heights: Where Everything Is Closer Than You Think

Inver Grove Heights in Dakota County has attracted settlers to the area’s vast land resources even before it was made a city in 1965.  This attraction is expected to increase the city’s population to over 44,000 by the year 2020.

The city’s rolling wooded terrain as well as the existing park facilities and its nearness to the Mississippi River Valley has made it an ideal place for those who want to live a good life that is closer to nature. Despite the almost rural attraction of the city, business and commercial development is never far behind creating a good mix of urban and rural living for its residents.

Inver Grove Heights is ideal for families so if you are being offered a corporate relocation or employee relocation package by an employer then it might be a good idea to consider what Inver Grove Heights has to offer in terms of business and community life.

September in Inver Grove Heights is dedicated to families not only from the city but also from nearby areas.  The city celebrates Inver Grove Heights Days by sponsoring events that the family can participate in including parade, street dance and fireworks display.

Holidays in Inver Grove Heights are events that are much-awaited by children because of the decorative lighting and activities entered along Main Street.  Commercial establishments and residential areas celebrate the Season by initiating activities like the Christmas Tree Lighting, Hay Rides, Arts and Crafts Show, Reindeer Sleigh Rides and Santa Brunch.


Settlers began to claim lands in the west side of the Mississippi River after the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux was signed in 1851.  Among those who first settled in the area were Germans who staked their claim on the wooded farmland, Irish who established their farms along an area now known as Rich Valley Boulevard and the English and French settlers who built their houses near the Mississippi River.  Such was the influence of these settlers that the city was named Inver, after an Irish fishing village and Grove after a German town.

The Inver Grove Township was incorporated in 1858 and from then on, hundreds of people settled in the area establishing four churches, 240 farms and four school districts by 1880.  The late 1880s saw the development of the area’s commercial and industrial districts.  Then the Village of Inver Grove was incorporated by people living in the area near the railroad sometime in 1909, creating two areas which existed for over 56 years.

Community Profile
Inver Grove Heights has a population of 29,751 people and 11,257 households as of the 2000 Census.  A great majority or 91.80% of the residents are Whites, followed by African Americans (2.10%), Asians (2.01% and those from other races.

The city has a fairly young population with an average age of 34 years.  Of the total population 27.3% are below the age of 19 while 7.8% are 65 years old or over.  The average family income was pegged at $68,629 while the average household income was pegged at $59,090.  The $25,493 per capita income of the city is low compared to other Minnesota cities, with 4.2% of the total population living below the poverty level. .

Inver Grove Heights belongs to Independent School District 199 which runs five schools including Salem Hills Elementary, Simley High School, Pine Bend Elementary, Inver Grove Heights Middle School and Hilltop Elementary.

The city’s current mayor is George Tourville while State Representative Joe Atkins (who is known to be the longest-serving mayor of the city) and Senator Jim Metzen represent the city in the legislature.


Inver Grove Heights is becoming a hub of commercial growth as evident with the construction of a hotel, several restaurants and a movie theater near Highway 52 and Blaine Avenue.  The interest of business establishments in Inver Grove Heights has remained strong because the city is strategically located to almost any major destination in the State of Minnesota including Mall of America and the Veterans Memorial Community Center which boasts of an indoor waterpark.

This strategic location coupled with the wonderful environment of the city has made Inver Grove Heights a favorite destination when they have to visit the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the nearby attractions.   And since it is adjacent to these areas, most of the city hotels provide free transportation to their guest to and from the airport, Mall of America and the Minnesota Zoo.

Tourists and residents alike can enjoy the city’s various attractions but when the malls and city life becomes too much for comfort then there’s always the more rural activities like fishing, sailing and skiing to turn to.  Inver Grove Heights’ rivers and lakes are also only minutes away from the city.


If you and your family are eyeing Inver Grove Heights as your future home then you can already start looking at the wide array of housing facilities like apartments, houses for rent and condominiums.  You can even contact a reputable real estate agent who can give you advice in purchasing a lot and building your dream house. 

Housing in Inver Grove Heights is in demand which explains the median asking price of single family homes there which was pegged at $328,000 in 2000.   The median home value in Inver Grove Heights is slightly higher at $137,800 compared to the $111,800 in the United States and $118,100 in Minnesota.

The usual question asked by those who want to relocate in Inver Grove Heights is the amount involved in maintaining a house in the city.  The monthly median owner cost for houses that are occupied by their owners is $1,182 when the house is mortgaged and $321 when the house is not mortgaged.

Of the total number of houses in the city as of the year 2000, 8,724 are owner-occupied homes while 2,533 are renter-occupied homes.

If you are bent on relocating your family then nothing beats Inver Grove Heights for quality and environment-friendly living.

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