Lakeville has been named by Money Magazine among the Top 100 best places to live.  At number 26 in the list, this southern gateway to the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul has lots to offer both residents and visitors aside from over a hundred years of history.

The city used to be a rural community with most of its residents engaged in agricultural activities.  The area however developed into an urban community but still retaining the homely and environment-friendly atmosphere that it has been known for.

Lakeville was a rural community that serviced surrounding agricultural activities. In recent years, our convenient access to the metropolitan area has stimulated both residential and commercial growth. Located at the edge between urban and rural service areas, Lakeville proudly maintains a historic downtown neighborhood and other mature residential areas. Our community realizes that growth is inevitable and has focused on planning for development that retains our community’s unique atmosphere.

The town area of Lakeville is historic enough to capture the attention of visitors and even of resident who have not grown tired of reliving the cities historic past.  The name itself suggest the existence of lakes in the area and true enough, there are three lakes in Lakeville which provide an environment hub for its people as well as boating, picnic and fishing opportunities.

Lakeville is a progressive community that offers a good balance of a clean and green environment as well as a thriving business and industrial sector.  Lakeville’s industrial park provides an ideal location for the almost 150 business that are providing over 4,000 jobs for Lakeville residents.
The secret to Lakeville’s success lies in its multi-sector partnerships, provision of efficient services by the local government and the participation of its residents in almost all its programs.  One thing that can be said about Lakeville is its well-planned development which is responsible for providing its residents with an environment-friendly and business-friendly city.


One important piece in the history of Lakeville is the Captain Dodd road which bisects the city.  The road, which was named in honor of Captain William B. Dodd, was constructed in 1853 to connect St. Paul and the Southern military forts.

Lakeville used to be known as Prairie Lake which was a halfway village between St. Paul and St. Peter.  It was named Lakeville Township in 1855 but was changed to Lake Marion after Colonel Marion Savage who pioneered in the entertainment and horse racing business in the area.  The rail line which was used to service the park was then known as Dan Patch Railroad Line.

Among the early settlers of Lakeville are Scandinavian farmers but there were minor groups consisting of Scots, Irish and English. The City of Lakeville was officially incorporated in 1967 with agriculture as the main industry in the area.  However, the development of the nearby Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul led to the rising costs of land in the area which resulted to a housing boom in Lakeville and in the nearby towns.

Community Profile

As of the 2000 Census, Lakeville has a population of 43,128 people comprising 11,526 families and 13,609 households.  Majority or 94.26% of the residents are Whites while the rest are Asians (2.01%), African Americans (1.28%), Native Americans (0.38%) and a mix of Pacific Islanders and those from other races.

The population of Lakeville is fairly young with an average age of 32 years old.  Only 2.8% of the entire population were 65 years old and above while 36.1% are below 18 years old.

With a median income of $72,404 for every household and $76,542 for every family, life is indeed comfortable in Lakeville.  The city has a per capita income of only $26,492 but only 2% of the entire population and 1.5% of the entire number of families in Lakeville are living below the poverty line.

The $96,156 average family income for Lakeville (present) is higher than the $93,313 average family income of the cities included in the Top 100 Best Places To Live.  The city also has a relatively higher family purchasing power of $85,701 compared to the $84,802 purchasing power of the other Best Places To Live finalist.

Compared to the other cities that made it to the Best Places list, Lakewood imposes a higher sales tax of 6.50% as well as a high state income tax rate of from 5.35% to 7.58%.


The average home price in Lakeville is more affordable at $256.000 compared to the Best Places which amounts to $293,712.  Average property taxes in the city amounts to $2,969 compared to the Best Places average property taxes of $4,072.

Lakeville has an average home price of $299,950 compared to its neighbors with the following average home price: Saint Paul-$199,900, Apple Valley-$212,400, Burnsville-$218,700, Rosemount-$219,900 and Prior Lake-$358,662.  The average home rental price in Lakeville is $747.

The rise in the number of home foreclosures is a concern not only for the homeowners but for the local government as well.  Thus a free foreclosure counseling will be held by the Dakota County Community Development Agency at the Lakeville Heritage this October.  The information drive on foreclosure is however expected to be a continuous activity to help residents who may have questions about the mortgage foreclosure preventions programs offered by the County.

Famous citizens

Among the famous natives of Lakeville are Paul Krause who is a Pro Football Hall of Famer, Kevin Kaesviham who is a Pro Football Player, Todd Bachman who served as the CEO of Bachman prior to his death, Joey Miller and Andy Belmont who are NASCAR drivers and Judy Merritt who was known as the Princess Kay of the Milky Way in 1957.

One of the strengths of Lakeville is the cooperation between its residents and the local government.  This way, the problems of the residents are addressed as early as possible to make sure they lead happy and successful lives in Lakeville.  You, too, can be a beneficiary of this neighborhood cooperation if you decide to relocate in Lakeville.


More information about Lakeville, MN

Lakeville, Minnesota is one of the most rapidly developing communities in the entire state. It has a strong history rooted in agriculture, which combined with its direct access to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, has created a booming economy loaded with possibilities for its 50,000 residents. If you are looking to buy a home close enough to enjoy the amenities of the Metro Area, but without the hustle and bustle of the big city, I highly encourage you to explore the many possibilities that Lakeville real estate offers.

One of the most attractive features of Lakeville is its historic downtown district. The City of Lakeville takes tremendous pride in providing its residents with a comfortable central location which provides a wonderful atmosphere for shopping and community gathering. Developmental plans for improving and maintaining this district is a key priority for the city in preserving the heritage and character of the city, while staying on top of the needs of the community in its new additions. Certainly, anyone who has visited Lakeville gets a sense of the friendly atmosphere of the city by strolling down its always clean and attractive main strip.


This particular small-town personality sets it apart from some of other suburbs of the Twin Cities who seek a sleeker, urban feel to complement its big-city neighbors. Still, Lakeville is surprisingly one of the most populous suburbs of the Twin Cities, and looks to continue growing in the coming years. Because of its location just off Highway 35, many Minneapolis business commuters do live here, but its important to note that Lakeville has an successful individual economy as well. Airlake Industrial Park, Lakeville’s largest employer, provides the city with many excellent job opportunities. It is also a strong agricultural center of Minnesota, producing a large revenue in dairy cattle, soybeans and corn.


In addition, Lakeville has become one the fastest growing communities in part because of its affordable real estate prices. If you are looking to live in the Greater Metro Area, you will find some of the best deals in Lakeville. Many wonderful homes are available at affordable prices, and the trend looks to continue with many developmental areas being built to accommodate the population growth. Whether you are a newly married couple looking for your first home, or if you have children and are looking for more space, Lakeville has many options that will surely accommodate your individual needs.

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