MAPLE GROVE 


Maple Grove 

This city in Hennepin County, State of Minnesota is known as one of the up and coming communities in the area.  Maple Grove is known for having achieved a balanced commercial and residential growth with the corresponding city services required for such developments.  Despite such developments, the city can still boast of several acres of trail system and open spaces thanks to a comprehensive land use plan that aims to maintain the quality of life in the community.


One of the attractions in maple Grove is the city’s Christmas Box Angel which usually attracts locals and visitors no matter what the season is. The attraction, which is located in the Arboretum, is a memorial which allows visitors to find peace and solace amidst mourning and grief.  The original angel of hope statue is in Salt Lake, Utah and each year, new statues are being erected all over the world.  There are at least 50 Christmas Box Angels worldwide.


If you are planning to avail of corporate relocation to Maple Grove then you might want to time your visit to the Candlelight Memorial at the Angel of Hope Stature every December and leave a white flower for your departed friends and loved ones.  The occasion will give you a glimpse not only of the city but also of the whole community and how they thrive and support each other.

The Angel of Hope is one of more than 50 Christmas Box Angels throughout the world that are gathering places for anyone grieving the loss of a child of any age, for any reason.


The first inhabitants of Maple Grove were the Winnebago Indians. Then came Louis Gervais who settled in the area in 1851.  During that time, the city saw minor growth including the construction of the town hall, church and many houses but there remained the large stands of maple trees which influenced the city’s name.  The city saw its first school house in 1860 but prior to that, the educators used a vacant house where they teach the children.


Maple Grove experienced a rapid growth in the 1970s with the completion of the 492, 94/694 Interstates as well as the US route 169.  The city was incorporated as a village in 1954 and became a city in 1974.

 Community Profile 

Maple Grove has a population of 50, 365 people as of the 2000 Census.  Majority or 94.74% of the residents are Whites followed by Asians (2.52%), African Americans (1.05%) and those from other races.  There are a total of 17,532 households with an average household size of 2.87.


The average age of the population is fairly young at 34 years, with 30.8% below 18 years of age and only 4.1% at the age of 65 or over. 


Maple Grove has a per capita income of $30,544 but with an average family income of $81,873 and an average household income of $76,111.  Only a small percentage of the total number of families or about 0.8% and 1.4 % of the entire population live below the poverty level.


The city has an active business community and is home to a number of business establishments including the Boston Scientific Facility, C.S. McCrossan’s gravel mining area and the Independent School District 279.  The science facility alone provides employment to more than 3,000 people.


One of the main attractions in Maple Grove is the lifestyle center which is home to at least 65 interesting shops and restaurants like the California Pizza Kitchen, Pottery barn, Borders Books & Music, National Camera Exchange, GoodThings and Hot Mama.


Another shopping destination in the city is The Fountains at Arbor Lakes which is an 850,000 square feet complex that houses establishments like Subway, Circuit City, the Holiday Inns & Suites plus a water park.  The Grove is also a magnet for shoppers as it houses the Home Depot, OfficeMax and SuperTarget plus it is the location of the Fairview hospital complex.


Evident of the city’s robust economic growth is the estimated 6 million square feet of commercial area.  It is also next to the Mall of America in terms of the number of retail stores.


As of the year 2007 the following banks have branches in Maple Grove:  Wells Fargo Bank with $398,671.0 million in bank assets and $311,546.0 million in deposits; TCF National Bank with $14,749.0 million in assets and $9,880.2 million in deposits; Maple Grove Byerly's Branch with $217,802.3 million in bank assets and $135,903.1 million in deposits; Eagle Community Bank with $29.3 million in assets and $24.5 million in deposits; Americana Community Bank with $183.9 million in assets and $163.9 million deposits; KleinBank with $1,269.4 million in assets and $1,017.1 million in deposits and Inter Savings Bank with $951.6 million in assets and $588.8 million in deposits.  There are also other banks with branches in the city.


If you are being offered a corporate relocation or employee relocation package in Maple Grove then you can be sure that you will have lots of options including homes for rent, apartments for rent or condominiums for sale and homes for sale.  You can also choose your location whether you want to live in an urban setting or a more suburban one,


There are agencies in the city that aims to help locals and new residents in looking for real estate properties.  There are several housing programs you can choose from depending on your requirements whether you require a lot to build your home, townhomes or senior housing.


The Metropolitan Housing can also help you find more affordable home for singles, senior and families.  Most Minnesota cities like Maple Grove provide affordable housing to its residents because it is one way of encouraging stability and economic growth in the area.


Here is some additional Maple Grove MN info:

In the outer northern suburbs, Maple Grove has become one of the strongest retail and shopping pockets in the suburbs. This sprawl has led to an impressive economic growth, which has attracted many satisfied residents to the city of Maple Grove. As expected due to its affluence, Maple Grove boasts some of the most beautiful architecture in the Twin Cities. If you are considering buying that dream home for you and your family, the time has never been better to invest in Maple Grove real estate.

One of the major draws to this area of the Twin Cities is its abundance of shops. The Arbor Lake area, which includes the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes, the Grove, and the Fountains at Arbor Lakes, is the second largest condensed shopping area (behind Bloomington’s Mall of America) in the state of Minnesota. Here, people on any given night of the week can be found reading at their local coffee shops, going out to eat at one of the numerous restaurants in this area, or catching a cheap movie at the excellent dollar-theater. Maple Grove has generated a great deal of activity and excitement with this area, and provides the city with a strong economic backbone to facilitate other public interests.


The major one of these interests, of course, is education. Maple Grove’s public school system is consistently ranked as one of the better programs in the state, and their Junior High and Senior High schools are among the top in state-wide testing. Maple Grove is very much a family-oriented community, and many of the families who move here cite the excellent public school system as a major factor in their decision.


In terms of real estate, Maple Grove has quite a bit to offer in terms of the high-end. Many spacious multi-story homes are available in some of the Twin Cities most affluent neighborhoods, so if you are in the market for your dream home, I highly encourage you to consider Maple Grove real estate as an option. On the other hand, if you are looking at something a bit more reasonable, there are a number of fantastic single-family homes, duplexes and condominiums available at affordable prices. Whatever your needs, I highly encourage you to contact me to set up an appointment and discuss our options.


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