Regularly named one of the great American cities to live in, Minneapolis is one of the most thriving cultural communities in the country, rich in history and amenities for its nearly 400,000 residents. Minneapolis, along with its sister city, Saint Paul, is one half of the Twin Cities. This budding metropolitan area is the second largest in the Midwest, after Chicago, and is a major attraction to young artists, businessmen, and families alike. Prospective homeowners have a wealth of possibilities in a wide variety of up-and-coming neighborhoods that will undoubtedly make a relocation to Minneapolis a rewarding investment and an enriching experience.


The economy of Minneapolis is one of the primary reasons this city is so attractive to many people seeking to relocate. Next to other cities of comparable size and population, the education rate and median household income is higher, the unemployment rate is lower, and housing is much more affordable. The Twin Cities combine to contribute nearly two-thirds of Minnesota’s gross state product, which makes it an incredibly lucrative area to build a career in almost any profession.

If you are thinking about a career change—or a career beginning, for that matter—Minneapolis provides many institutions that can assist you in your professional transition. In 2006, the University of Minnesota ranked fourth in the nation in students enrolled, and offers a vast number of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. Likewise, the city is home to College of St Catherine, the University of St. Thomas, and dozens of private, professional and technical schools that will accommodate your needs. I am also quite familiar with the public and private school system in Minneapolis, so if you have children and are looking for help in selecting a good school for them to attend, I would be more than happy to help you out.


            Minneapolis is also one of the most concentrated areas for entertainment in the entire country. One of the richest scenes for live theater anywhere, the city boasts more professional theater companies per capita than any city besides New York. Likewise, music lovers can find a great concert to check out on any given night of the week; the First Avenue and 7th Street entry rock venues are favorites for national and local acts, classical connoisseurs will be drawn to the world-class Minnesota Orchestra and Minnesota Opera, while jazz fans can get cozy at the famous Dakota jazz club. Minneapolis also is home to three major art museums and professional teams in every major sport; regardless of personal interests, there is never a lack of exciting events to take in.


For those looking to live in the heart of the city, downtown Minneapolis boasts a blossoming scene for lofts and condominiums within walking distance from many of the city’s major attractions, such as the Target Center, the Metrodome, the Guthrie Theater, and the Walker Art Center. Though many changes have been made in the last several years, the view of the downtown skyline remains one of the most breathtaking and identifiable in the entire United States. While many of the elite high-rise condos remain pricey, many more affordable units have been built in the last five years to accommodate new residents.

If the hustle and bustle of downtown doesn’t quite meet your needs, many wonderful residential communities are located nearby. Southwest Minneapolis, or the Uptown district, is one of the more popular places to live because of the numerous independent businesses, as well as many of the most talked about restaurants and theaters in the city. Many brand new condominiums are being built that are spacious and affordable, not to mention a variety of townhouses, single family homes and duplexes. Uptown also contains a large rental market that will easily accommodate singles and families alike.


Northeast Minneapolis has also become one of the more desired places to live for many residents. A diverse arts community, Northeast offers a more relaxed pace suitable for families, while remaining within striking distance of downtown to allow for a wealth of entertainment opportunities. Again, hundreds of homes are available in this friendly neighborhood, ranging from new condo developments to beautiful vintage homes. Check out our multiple listing service to check out the variety of split-levels, single family residences, two story homes and much more.

Many people who seek more outdoor recreation will be attracted to the beautiful neighborhoods surrounding the Chain of Lakes, one of the most distinctive features of Minneapolis, and the one that provides the city with its nickname, the “City of Lakes.” Between Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, Lake of the Isles, and the Cedar Lake, Minneapolis provides an extensive series of bike and pedestrian trails excellent for enjoying the great northern scenery. Some of the most fascinating architecture can be found along the shores, with many of these homes available at reasonable prices. If you have ever dreamed of buying a lakefront home, the time has never been better. Please feel free to call or email me for more details.


The real estate market in Minneapolis has never been so accommodating to potential buyers. Thousands of homes are available across the city, and in the current buyer’s market, it is an excellent time to invest in property. Prices are lowering, and we will help you find a home that meets your needs in terms of finance and lifestyle. The foreclosure market is also ripe with opportunity right now, with thousands of bank-owned homes that can be bought at discount prices.

For your convenience, we are a fully cooperating member of the Twin Cities real estate community. The multiple listing service, or MLS, allows all member agents to view what is available in the market so you don’t feel compelled to go with an agent you are not comfortable with. So regardless of the company sign in the yard, please feel free to give me a call to arrange an appointment to view a home that you are interested in. Our website contains many helpful tools to get you started on your journey today, including mortgage rate calculators, mortgage rate quotes, and online mortgage applications. If you would like to browse for yourself, check out our Search Online Now! application. This will grant you access to all of the homes currently available through our multiple listing service.


If you are more interested in renting, or are looking to relocate to Minnesota, I will be happy to help you out with our relocation package and guide. I, as well as many of my clients, own rental property and would be happy to arrange a tour with you to acclimate you with the area. Please check my website as well for our convenient relocation salary calculator and other relocation sevices.


I’m extremely familiar with the area and have lived in the Twin Cities my entire life. When making an important life decision, such as relocating and/or purchasing a home, it is important to have someone on your side to give you honesty and expertise. I strongly encourage you to contact me with any questions you have or to set up an appointment. I look forward to working with you.



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Minneapolis:  A Clean and Green City


If there is one thing that Minneapolis should be famous for it is the city’s dedication to maintaining its reputation as among the greenest cities in the State of Minnesota.  True enough, Minneapolis has proven it is hell-bent in protecting the environment through the Minneapolis GreenPrint which is its guide to attaining sustainable development.


The Minneapolis GreenPrint is a framework based on ten healthy environment indicators.  An annual GreenPrint Report is submitted to the City Council to measure the environmental interventions being done by the city each year which can include street sweeping, installation of solar panels on city building roofs and other private sector initiatives.


The environmental efforts of Minneapolis go a long way considering that it is Minnesota State’s city and Hennepin County’s county seat.  With St. Paul, it forms the now-famous Twin Cities, and has 3.2 million residents as of the last Census.


Employee relocation and corporate relocation usually targets Minneapolis due to its clean and healthy environment.  With twenty lakes, creeks and lots of waterfalls, Minneapolis is a city that is abundant in water. It is thus no surprise that its name is taken from the Dakota word “mni” for water and polis for city, to mean water city.  In fact, Minneapolis is also called the City of Lakes.


History and City Profile


The history of Minneapolis is largely tied to water primarily because of the city’s physical make up.  Minneapolis lies on an aquifer and so the city is serious in managing its watershed areas.


Business in the city is mostly hinged on finance, trucking services, industry and health services.  Several companies engage in milling, chemical and agricultural products, food processing and similar businesses.  It is home to some of America’s Top Companies including Xcel Energy, Target Corporation, Ameriprise Financial and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Donaldson Company, PepsiAmericas and US Bancorp.


Minneapolis does not however just boast of a clean environment and good water sources but it also boasts of a holistic development that made it to the Kiplinger survey of Smart Places to Live in 2006 (it was ranked number 2 together with St. Paul).  It has also been included in the list of Seven Cool Places for Young Professionals and was chosen as the United States’ Top Tech City survey by Popular Science in 1995.

The city, along with St. Paul’s $145.8 billion gross state product accounts for 63.8% of the State of Minnesota’s gross state product.  The year 2000 was a bad year for the area as it experienced a recession but it has bounced back in 2005 with a growth in personal income by 3.8%.


Culture and the Arts


If you are thinking of relocating in an area where you can expose your family to culture and the arts then Minneapolis should be your best bet.  Theater is big here starting with the Guthrie Theater which was designed by 2008 Pritzker Prize Winner Jean Nouvel.


Minneapolis is a haven for art and the artists.  It has been ranked the most literate city in America and this can be one big reason for relocating in the area especially if you have children or you have a great interest in culture and the arts.  It is home to the largest literary and book center in the country known as Open Book.  It boasts of the Loft Literary Center which is a venue for contemporary and traditional arts and crafts.


If you are offering a relocation package for your employees then make sure you mention the existence of the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, the city’s largest museum with over a hundred thousand collection of art and other historical items.


The most famous contribution of Minneapolis to the American music industry is Prince.  This world-famous pop icon is a product of the Minneapolis Public Schools.




Minnesota relocation can become more exciting with the knowledge that sports means a lot to its residents.  Among the teams that raised the flag of Minneapolis are the Minneapolis Millers (known for contributing 15 baseball players to the Baseball Hall of Fame), the Minneapolis Lakers basketball team (with six championships on its belt in all the three leagues) and the NWA Minneapolis Boxing & Wrestling Club (now known as the American Wrestling Association).


The Minnesota Vikings, the Minnesota Twins (won the 1987 and 1991 World Series), the Minnesota Lynx WNBA, the Minnesota Wild hockey team and the National Lacrosse League team Minnesota Swarm are just some of the teams that make up the vibrant sports atmosphere of Minneapolis.


Employee relocation in Minneapolis is very appealing to those who have families considering the city’s well-designed park system, considered the best in America in terms of design, financing and maintenance.  Residents of Minneapolis have to thanks Theodore Wirth for this. 




There are a variety of Minneapolis relocation package and if you want to find out about this you can get the services of a relocation specialist who will be able to provide you with important relocation information to help you decide if moving to Minneapolis is indeed the right decision.


Minneapolis real estate can offer you lots possibilities and you can choose from any of the real estate listings in the city including single family residences, single story homes, condominiums, duplex, or lakeshore properties.  You can even purchase or mortgage land and build your own house.  However, it would also be ideal to look at the latest foreclosure listings as they may be new homes on the list that are quite affordable.


Still unsure about moving to Minneapolis?  Think of how clean the air you are going to breathe once your family relocates in the city. Think of the artistic and cultural exposure your family is going to get.  Think of how important quality of life is and think of Minneapolis.


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