Open letter to Employees & Employers:

Would you like even more benefits-for FREENO COST to enroll and offer the benefits:

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A part of a sponsored group, you will receive a discount on services that are associated with buying/financing a home.  This includes discounts on real estate purchases and sales as well as related mortgage services.   You can take advantage of all the discounts or use the services Ala Carte.  

There are Additional discounts too. Discounts are from both national AND local businesses. 

Why wouldn't you want to take part in this?  I honestly can't think of any reason.  If you can-let me know.  Unfortunately, this program is relatively new.  As such, it is possible your employer isn't currently offering this benefit. We still want you to benefit.

If you call us and and can help provide us with an introduction to your HR benefits adminstrator, we will provide you with the benefits offered in this package.  We will reward you regardless of whether or not your employer adopts this benefit with our company.  We understand that because adoption of any new program takes time-time that might not coincide with your plans-we want to include you regardless.