NORTH OAKS 


North Oaks is a well-planned Minnesota city where all streets are owned by private citizens.  Majority of the residential lots extend towards the center of the streets so they have been classified as private streets which are owned by the residents and maintained by the residents themselves. Even the parks and trails are owned and managed by the North Oaks Homeowner’s Association.


Aside from this peculiarity, travel from the city to the major cities like Minneapolis or St. Paul is a breeze, thanks to easy access to the freeway which makes travel time from North Oaks to both cities a mere 15 to 20 minutes.  This can mean a lot to those who have to commute to these cities for business on a daily basis.


It is one of the largest communities in the Twin Cities with over 5,500 acres but has a small population of only 1,250 families.  Naturally, the city boasts of an upscale area complete with all the comforts of city living as well as large lots and well, sturdy Oak trees.


Population Profile


North Oaks is lightly populated with only 3,883 people based on the 2000 census.  Most of the residents are Whites (93.33%) with 4.61% of the population made up by Asians and 1.21% by Latinos and Hispanics.  The rest of the population consists of Native Americans, African Americans and Pacific Islanders.


The fact that none of the total number of families lives below the poverty line is evident of the prevailing economic condition in the city.  Only a small percentage of the total population lives below poverty level. Families in North Oaks have high incomes at an average rate of $152,380 per family.  However, there is a big disparity between the average income of men ($100,000) and women ($47,019).


North Oaks is a good place for corporate relocation, employment relocation and residential relocation.  Couples who are planning to move in would welcome the thought that at least 80% of the city’s adult population is married.  However, there is still a large portion of the population who are still single which means the place can also be a good place for those who want to marry a wealthy person.


There might be a connection between the wealth of the North Oaks residents to the fact that most of the city’s population have graduated from college.  While most of the residents work from home, an estimated 90% of those who commute drive to work.




The 45 miles of roads, all privately owned, contribute to making North Oaks a private city governed by a mayor (with a two-year term) and four members of the city council (with four-year terms but staggered).  The city used to be known as North Oaks Village but its name was changed to North Oaks with the status of a 4th class city.


It would be interesting to note that Presidential candidate John Kerry got the top contribution (amounting to $31,460) among the North Oak folks during the 2004 elections.




North Oaks is a rich city not only in terms of the income of its residents but also in terms of history.  It celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. 


Since most of the properties including land are owned by the residents, the North Oaks Homeowners Association is largely responsible for the over-all maintenance of the roads owned by its members including street sweeping, placement of street names and signs, resurfacing and snowplowing. The Association also takes care of the various recreational facilities including the Eastern and Western recreation Center, Tennis Courts, Pleasant Lake beach, soccer and baseball fields, trails and all the open spaces.



North Oaks residents pay more property taxes compared to residents of other cities in Minnesota.   There is also a vibrant real estate and construction business in North Oaks with most homes newly constructed. However, 99% of the occupied housing units in the city are occupied by the owners.


Moving in


If you are planning to move in to North Oaks, or if you have just moved in, it would be a good idea to join the “Newcomers Club”, a social club for new and old residents as well.  Membership to the group will entitle you to the monthly issues of the Acorn Newsletter.  The various Club activities will give you an opportunity to meet the other residents of North Oaks.


Families are a big thing in North Oaks so there is an annual event called the Family Fun Days, which is specifically geared towards family bonding.   And if you have just relocated to this Twin Towers city then you should know that December is the time for the Holiday Progressive Dinner in North Oaks where all couples meet.  The Gourmet Club is also a good social event for couples who love wine and socializing.


Not to be left behind of all these socializing are North Oaks women who meet every month for dinner, speeches and entertainment.


Moving in to North Oaks means meeting those adorable but annoying deers!  It is thus important to take note of plants that are resistant to deers so your gardens don’t become the deers’ favorite dinner hangout.  Deers are a major problem among North Oaks residents particularly those who have manicured and landscaped lawns.  The problem worsens during long winters as deers may wonder beyond their feeding areas and may eat plants that they do not usually eat including tree barks.


While putting up a fence can be a solution, there are ordinances that prohibit the construction of very high fences. The best solution is to settle for deer-resistant plants for your landscaping.  And while not all plants are totally deer-resistant, there are at least 600 plants recommended by researchers and you can make use of them to avoid deer problems.


With the deer-problem and all, it can be said that North Oaks is not really a perfect place after all.  However, considering the city’s peace and order condition, economic stability, wide open spaces, estate-sized residential lots and living comforts , North Oaks may just be one of the best cities in Minnesota to live in.

Here is the City Of North Oaks website:

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