One of the most populated as well as one of the most affluent suburbs of the Twin Cities, Plymouth is home to nearly 69,000 residents, making it the seventh largest city in the state of Minnesota. This extremely desirable area boasts some of the most spectacular real estate in all of the Twin Cities, so if you are in the market to purchase your dream home, I highly encourage you to consider Plymouth real estate.


Plymouth is certainly among the wealthiest cities in the greater Metro Area. Its median household income is over $82,000 and its median income for a family is over $100,000. Because of this, Plymouth is able to provide a large amount of funding into public interests, such as their excellent public school district and comprehensive park systems. The excellent economic conditions in Plymouth allow for some of the best homes in the entire state. While some of the most spectacular multi-story homes reach into the higher end, there are many reasonably priced single-family homes as well as condominiums available for those potential buyers who are looking for a starter home. Whatever your need, I encourage you to contact me to set up an appointment to discuss your options.

Because of its close proximity to the Twin Cities, many residents of Plymouth work in either Minneapolis or Saint Paul, but prefer the tranquility of living with some distance away from city life. Still, Plymouth is easily within driving distance to be able to enjoy all of the entertainment amenities the Twin Cities has to offer. For those who prefer to stick a little closer to home on the weekends, Plymouth has a terrific selection of restaurants, as well as the beloved Plymouth Playhouse. This top-notch local theater company has been entertaining audiences for 33 years, and continues to delight the Plymouth community.

If you are even considering buying a home, or simply want to see what your options are, do not hesitate to contact me. In the current buyer’s market, the time has never been better to invest in your dream house, and Plymouth has a wide range of options that will suit a variety of needs.

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Additional Plymouth Minnesota info:


If you want to live in a community that provides a quality way of life then Plymouth is one of the best choices.  The city has well-planned areas for commercial, industrial and residential development.  The rolling terrain and greeneries provides a backdrop that lets you breathe amid the pressures of daily life.

Plymouth in Hennepin County State of Minnesota is 7th among the largest cities in the United States and is the 16th largest suburb in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Money Magazine named Plymouth No. 1 among the Top 100 best Places to Live in America.  Among the factors considered for the selection includes the low crime rate, employment opportunities, housing and quality education in the city. Plymouth’s culture promotion via its open air ampitheater and the Top 3 ranking of its main school district among all the other districts in the State of Minnesota was also cited.

A survey shows that 95% of those surveyed thought that Plymouth provides either good or excellent quality of life for its residents with 37% classifying way of life in the city as excellent. Majority of the city’s residents expect such quality of life in Plymouth to remain the same in the next five years.  It is also perceived by 90% of the residents as an ideal city to raise children while 70% rate it as an excellent place for retirement.

Plymouth Mayor Kelli Slavik attributed the city’s development to visionary leadership as can be gleamed from the city’s history.  She also cited the community’s support, forward thinking and commitment to the promotion of the arts. 

The city’s thrust is strategic development while protecting the environment. The community bats for the development of a first-rate park system that would improve the recreational facilities in the city while maintaining the natural open spaces permanently,

Plymouth is a fast growing community and if you are considering corporate relocation or employee relocation then the city’s strategic location, clean and green environment as well as its diverse housing stock would be among the best factors to consider relocating here.  Another relocation factor to consider is Plymouth’s proximity to the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.


Plymouth was originally inhabited by the Dakota who encamped near Medicine Lake. The first settler in the area was Antoine LeCounte who arrived in the area as early as 1848 but only settled in 1852.  The town’s early development came in 1855 with the construction of a gristmill which was taken down in 1857.

Plymouth’s development took a new turn with the construction of churches, schools and a post office and even hotels by 1863.  The primary trade then was farming but the construction of roads and other facilities made the city attractive to tourists.  Plymouth became a chartered city in 1993.

Community Profile

Plymouth has a total population of 65,894 people as of the 2000 Census.  However, the 2006 Census estimated the population at 70,102.  Majority of the population are Whites (91.36%) followed by Asians (3.79%), African Americans (2.71%), and other races.

The average age for Plymouth residents is 36 years with only 7.6% of the population within the age range of 65 years old and above and only 27.1% below 18 years old.

Plymouth residents are generally well-off with an average household income of $77,008 and an average family income of $90,134.  New estimates for the year 2006 placed the average family income to $101,936 and the average household income at $82,288.  With a per capita income of $36,309, the city only has 2.6% of the entire population and 1.5% of the entire number of families living below poverty level. 


Plymouth is a city that is attractive both as a residential area and a place for business.  It has almost reach a one is to one statistics for its population and job opportunities with 66,000 people and over 51,000 jobs.  Among the major employers in the city are light manufacturing, telecommunications, research, insurance and computer-related industries.

Plymouth has more jobs per capital compared to the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The availability of job opportunities in the area is cited as the number one reason why life is good in Plymouth.


If you are planning to retire or relocate your family then Plymouth is a good choice because of the city’s competitive advantage not only in terms of education, business, culture but housing as well.

Over half of the city’s housing stock or 58% are single-family homes but you can also choose from the many condominiums, townhouses and apartments.  If you are considering corporate relocation in the city then it would be good to note that as of 2006, the average price of a single-family home here is $367,900.  There are lots of homes for rent, condominiums for rent or apartment for rents as 20% of the housing stock in the city is classified as for rent.

A housing maintenance code is imposed in the city to make sure that there is enough quality housing stock in the city.  Thus, you can expect the regular conduct of building and property inspections to classify structures that are in need of repair or are already hazardous for the community.
While Plymouth already has a good mix of high-end and affordable quality housing, there is still a clamor for the construction of more housing stock for first-time buyers as well as for those with low incomes.  Residents favour the imposition of tax breaks as well as development incentives for those who will invest in the development of affordable housing.

A resident in Plymouth means easy access to a quality life, the city center, the countryside and the beaches. Remember this the next time you have to choose a place for you and your family.

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