RAMSEY COUNTY 

The award given to Dave Twa, country manager of Ramsey County in Minnesota, speaks well of the quality of the county management.  With a measly budget of $518,729,994 for 2006, and several budget cuts, Twa was able to make sure the administrative processes of Ramsey County worked well qualifying him for the award.

 Population profile 

Ramsey County is one of the biggest counties in Minnesota with a population count of 511,035 as of the 200 Census.  This is not a surprise since it is the location of St. Paul, the capital city of the State of Minnesota.  But while it is a large county population wise, it is the state’s smallest county area wise.


Most of its population are Whites (77.37%) followed by Asians (8.77%), Black or African Americans (7.61%).  The rest is a mixture of Native Americans, Pacific Islanders as well as Hispanics and Latinos.


The average population age is fairly young at 34 years.  The average income for its 201,236 households is $45,722 while the average income for the 119,936 families is pegged at $57,747. 


Ramsey County consists of the following cities:  Arden Hills, North Oaks, Blaine, North St. Paul, Falcon Heights, Roseville, Gem Lake, Shoreview, Lauderdale, St. Anthony, Little Canada, St. Paul, Maplewood, Spring Lake Park, Mounds View, Vadnais Heights, New Brighton and White Bear Lake.



Minnesota’s first nine counties were created by virtue of an act which was signed on October 27, 1849.  It would have been named St. Paul County had the name not been changed to Ramsey County (after Governor Ramsey) before the second reading.  While Ramsey was well-liked by the people, some suspected that the county was named after him for the sake of flattery.


Trials were a big thing in the county then as only three judges took care of all court responsibilities for the nine counties. 

 Social Services 

Minnesota had the smallest share of the expenditure pie in 1990 compared to the other states.  In fact, 67% of the expenses for the county’s criminal justice system came from its local property tax earnings while only 33% were contributed by the state.  For the following year, the state of Minnesota contributed 35.5% of the social services costs of each county while 23.5% came from the federal government and the remaining 38.1% from the county itself. 

The state however believes that it is better to let each county contribute to its expenses in partnership with the state and the federal government to encourage more local government participation and accountability.  To maximize their resources, some counties have contributed to common facilities and programs like waste management and healthcare services.



Those planning for corporate relocation or employee relocation in any of the cities of Ramsey County would be glad to note that the county is not lacking in entertainment and recreation.  With nine regional parks, five county parks and other facilities for swimming and cross country skiing, Ramsey County provides access to cheap and wholesome fun.  Here are some of the recreational places to visit in Ramsey County.


Ice Arena

There are several ice arenas in Ramsey County such as the Aldrich Arena which usually host hockey leagues of the local high schools.  It is open to the public and provides skating lessons for individuals or groups. The Charles M. Schulz Ice Arena boasts of a year-round ice arena and also provides ice skating lessons.  The arenas are also available for non-ice activities like private parties and trade shows.


 Tamarack Nature Center      

The Tamarack Nature Center, the county’s nature center, has embarked on a five-year plan to improve its facilities.  Once the renovation is completed, the center will become destination for discoveries not only for residents but for visitors as well.


 Golf Courses

With at least five golf courses within its periphery, Ramsey County is fit to be called a golfing County.  Take a look at these golf courses and their features:


If you are considering corporate relocation or employee relocation in Ramsey County, Minnesota, then you are probably looking for real estate properties like apartments, condominiums or houses for sale.  Ramsey’s First Home Buyer Assistance Program can help you purchase affordable homes through deferred loans of up to $20,000 at zero percent interest.


To qualify for the housing loan, your annual gross income should not be more than $41,700 if you are an individual or $59.600 for a household with four earning members.  This was the maximum income limit provided by the Ramsey County Housing and Redevelopment Authority as of March 2007.  The Authority also requires that at least one member of the household should be employed in either St. Paul or Ramsey County.


Buyers can choose from single family homes, townhouses or even condominiums provided the property is located in Ramsey County, excluding St. Paul City.


There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Ramsey County for your relocation plans and affordable housing is one of them.

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