Rogers is a medium-sized city in Minnesota and it is expected to catch up soon with the other communities in the Twin Cities population-wise.  It is approximately 5 miles from Dayton, 5 to 6 miles from Dayton and Otsego and around 6.5 to 7 miles from Corcoran, Hanover, Albertville and St. Michael. 


Unlike the other Minnesota cities with areas dedicated to water or lakes, all of Rogers’ 13 square kilometer area is all land.

Population profile 

The 2000 census has recorded a population of 3,588 but the number is estimated to have doubled as of the year 2005.  Majority or 97.10% of the residents are Whites and the rest of the population is a mixture of Asians, Hispanics and Latinos and a small percentage of African Americans and Native Americans.


If you are planning to move in to Rogers then you will most probably find yourself living among a community of married couples which means this is no place for singles looking for a future partner.  A great majority or 77.2% of the residents are married couples.  The population is however relatively young with an average age of 31 years.


The residents of Rogers are also financially well-off, with an average income of $76,984 per family.  The average family income was estimated at $79,200 as of the year 2005. Only 0.4% of the families and 1.8% of the total population of Rogers are classified as living below the poverty line


One unforgettable chapter in the history of Rogers is the havoc created by a destructive tornado which is said to have visited the city several times.


Historically, tornado activity in Rogers is more than the average tornado activity in Minnesota and around 31% more than the average tornado activity in the United States. A tornado with a wind speed of 207 to 260 mph hit Rogers in 1951 and this resulted to the death of one person, injury to 20 people and property damage of up to $5 million.  Another tornado was recorded in 1983 which resulted to injury and property damage of up to $50,000.  There was also another tornado in 2006 which injured seven people and damaged 300 homes.


If you are thinking of moving in to Rogers and are looking for houses for sale then you would be better off knowing some of the most important ordinances in the city.  One such ordinance is Ordinance No. 2001-08 which regulates the behavior and activities of Rogers residents including the way they conduct entertainment, use of alcoholic beverages and public nuisance.


Section 1.70 of the Ordinance makes it unlawful for residents and visitors to cause public disturbance through excessive and loud noise.  The following are prohibited under the ordinance:


The average value of condominiums in Rogers was estimated at $186,600 in the year 2000.  This more than doubled to $319,500 in 2005 compared to the average condominium value in the State of Minnesota of $198,800.


Healthcare is not a problem in Rogers since there are at least three hospitals that are located near the city such as:


People who prefer to live in Rogers but who have to travel out of town or send parcels regularly will also relish the thought of moving in the city because it is only about 33 miles to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International/Word-Chamberlain Airport, 42 miles to the St. loud Regional Airport and 91 miles to the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport.  The nearest public-use airport to Rogers is Crystal in Minneapolis which is only around 18 miles, followed by Buffalo Muni and Princeton Muni which is around 20 to 25 miles from Rogers.


Moving in to Rogers but worried about the schooling of family members?  Here are some colleges near Rogers: 

There are four public schools in Rogers for primary and middle education namely Roger Elementary, Rogers Jr. High, Rogers Senior High and Kaleidoscope Charter School.  There is only one private school for this level and this is the St. Martin School.


Rogers is an ideal city to live in and it holds its grounds even when compared against Minnesota statistics.  The city is way over the state average when it comes to the average household income and average house value.   However, it is way below the state average when it comes to the number of homes for rent.


Rogers is a good place for business and this is evident with the number of banks located in the area.  The Wells Fargo Bank, with $398,671 million worth of assets and $311,546 worth of deposits, has branches all over Rogers.  The 21st Century Bank has a total bank asset of $385.6 million and total deposits of $303.3 million. The First National Bank of Elk River has $349.3 million worth of assets and $273.3 million worth of deposits.

Entertainment Festival

The city may possess a thriving business community but people here find some time for fun and entertainment. Proof of this is the City Park Festival which is being celebrated in the city every year. The Rockin’ Rogers Day is also a come-on for both residents and visitors who revel in the city-wide celebration which is held during the last week of June, usually before summer every year.  The festivity is characterized by a parade, a beer garden and a carnival.


The city boasts of two superb golf courses, the Fox Hollow Golf Club (which has a river flowing through the design of the course) and the Pheasant Run Gold Club (a demanding course with water hazards).


Living in Rogers is having the best of both worlds right in your fingertips.  The wealth of the city coupled with its concern for the community can be a good motivation for those who are planning on employee relocation and corporate relocation,

Here is the City Of Rogers website:

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