Shakopee is not only a city in Scott County but it is the latter’s county seat.  It is also home to the Canterbury Park horse racetrack and the Valleyfair Amusement Park.


Legends indicate that an Indian village called Teenatahotonwa used to be located in the east side of Shakopee and it was headed by Chief Shakopee, in whose honor the city was named after.  Like all the other cities in Minnesota, Shakopee used to be inhabited by Indians and their burial mounds are found at a memorial park in the city.


Located near the Twin Cities, Shakopee provides its resident both the rural mystic of country life as well as the comforts of modern living.  It is thus not surprising that Shakopee is one of the fast rising cities in Minnesota.


Population Profile 

Shakopee is considered a growing city with a population of 20,568 people as of the 2000 Census.  However, that number is said to have risen to 30,000 people based on 2004 estimates. There are at least 7,540 households in the city as of the last count.


Most of the residents or 91.61% are Whites followed by Asians (2.41%), other races (2.14%), and African Americans (1.33%).  The rest is a mixture of Hispanics or Latinos and those from other races.


Majority or 58.2% of the 7,540 households consist of married couples that are living together.  Shakopee’s population is very young with a median age of 32 years old which is considered younger than the median age for the whole country.


While it had a per capita income of only $25,128, it is surprising to note that only 1.8% of the families are living below the poverty line.  However, a greater percentage or 3.5% of the total population are living below the poverty line.


The median age for residents in Shakopee, MN is 31.5 (this is younger than average age in the U.S.).



The city’s officials and residents are still collecting memorabilia and other historical stories and items to piece together an extensive history of Shakopee.  However, a mural created by Harmon Arndt and displayed at the Shakopee High School Library, depicts the history of the area in more ways than one.


The mural came to be after the artist closely conferred with pioneering residents and leading citizens of Shakopee.  The result is a mural that vividly narrates, albeit silently, the history of Shakopee.


The mural has been divided into several panels and each panel depicts a certain period in Shakopee’s history.  The first one dates back to the presence of Sioux Indians who were said to be the early settlers in the area.  Shakopee’s history would not be complete without mentioning Reverend Samuel Pond and his brother Gideon, Connecticut missionaries who came to Teenatahotonwa in 1847.


Among the two prominent settlers of Shakopee who were depicted in the mural are Thomas A Holmes (who is acknowledged as the father of Shakopee) and David L. Fuller.  Holmes arrived in Shakopee in 1851 and stayed in the area with about 20 White families despite being outnumbered by the 800 Indian settlers.


The very first buildings in Shakopee, as shown in the mural, are the Methodist Episcopal Church (built in 1867), City Hall and Fire Department (built in 1883) and the Union School (which was opened in 1882).  The first railroad train entered Shakopee in 1865.



The Shakopee Area Chamber of Commerce, which was established in 1955, boasts of over 250 members from various business establishments in Shakopee.  The booming economy of Shakopee is evident from the presence of several bank branches in the city.


One of the biggest banks with a branch in Shakopee is Guaranty Bank with bank assets of $1,914.6 million and deposits worth $1,477.4 million followed by

Voyager Bank with bank assets of $533.4 million and deposits worth $443.8 million, Wells Fargo bank with an asset of $398.671 million and deposits worth $311.546 million and by Prime Security Bank with bank assets worth $95.9 million and deposits worth $85.3 million.  Citizens State bank of Shakopee with bank assets of $23.1 million and deposits worth $19.8 million has also been in the area since 1978. Other banks in the area include M&I; Marshall and IIsley Bank, TCF National Bank and KleinBank.

Recreational Facilities 

Shakopee is not all business.  Those who want to avail of corporate relocation or employment relocation in Shakopee are assured of many magical and relaxing moments with their family and friends thanks to the various parks and recreation areas in Shakopee.


Shakopee’s 920-acre park is managed by the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Department.  Among the special facilities in the park are the Enigma Teen center, Aquatic Park, Ice Arena and the Jose Schleper Stadium.  The city’s park and open spaces have been divided into three classifications namely the developed park and recreation facilities, existing open space & undeveloped park lands and future, anticipated park lands.


Developed Park and Recreation Facilities-Here are some of the parks that can be found under this classification:


Existing Open Space & Undeveloped Park Lands-Here are some of the parks that can be found under this classification:


Future and Anticipated Park Lands-Here are some of the parks that can be found under this classification:

Quarry Lake Park-is a 111.4-acre area with trails and recreational lakes.

Southbridge-is a 49.1-acre open space with playground.


Avid golfers an also apply for memberships at the Stonebrooke Golf Club, one of the finest golf courses in Twin Towers that boasts of an 18-hole course which were designed by experts with a view to taking advantage of the greatest resource of Minnesota—water.  If you are not convinced, better experience the golf course yourself and avail of the ferry ride on your way to your next shot.  The golf course also has 9-hole, par 20 course for golf enthusiasts.  Stonebooke also offers enthusiasts a chance to play on the equally challenging executive 9-hole, par 30 course, the Waters Edge.


For most people who categorize shopping under recreational activities, there is not better place than Shakopee.  The city is only a few minutes from the Mall of America, one of the largest malls in the world with over 500 specialty stores and other establishments.  Shopping is also very convenient right at the Southbridge Shopping Center and the Crossroads & Shakopee Valley Marketplace.


Housing and Real Estate 

Relocating to Shakopee requires a basic knowledge of the housing and real estate prospects of the city.  The average home price in Shakopee is $173,453 while the average rental price for homes is $644.  A majority or 78% of the housing units in the city are occupied by their owners, 19% are rented while 4% are considered vacant units.  As of 2005, the average value of a house or condominium in Shakopee is $237,800m slightly higher than Minnesota’s $198,800.

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