Shorewood is a medium-sized community, population-wise, in Hennepin County, Minnesota.  It is a fairly young community having been incorporated only in 1956.  It is primarily a residential area but its boundaries house several businesses that cater to Shorewood residents.


Shorewood used to be part of the Excelsior Township.  It became a statutory city only in 1974.  The Islands of Shady, Enchanted and Spray are part of Shorewood and they all receive the basic services provided by the city to its people including educational and postal services.


Population profile 

Based on the 2000 Census, the city of Shorewood consists of 7,400 people and 2,529 households.  A great majority of its population is White (97.82%) and the rest is a mixture of Asians, African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics of Latinos.


The average income for a household in Shorewood is relatively high at $96,589; the same goes for the $104,100 average income of each family.  Only 1.3% of the total number of families in Shorewood lives below the poverty line.


The city has a total workforce of 3,762 (aged 16 and over) and only 37 of them go to work using public transportation.  Majority or 3,418 got to work using their own cars, van or motorcycle.  At least 276 of this workforce work at home.



The original inhabitants of the area are Native American tribes.  Like most cities in Minnesota, it shares a part of the Big Waters or Lake Minnetonka. Thus, its economy and way of life is somehow influenced by the Lake.


Shorewood has its share of tourists driven by the desire to see Lake Minnetonka so expect a trickle of small inns to cater to the tourists in the area.


If you are considering the possibility of corporate relocation or employment relocation in Shorewood then the area’s educational institutions will surely be of interest to you.  A large part of Shorewood belongs to Minnetonka School District #276.  The district’s elementary school has a population of 6,673 students.  Another portion of the city belongs to the Westonka School District #277 so you can also choose to enroll your student here.


Of the 4,688 people in Shorewood who are 25 years and older, 603 or 12.9% are high school graduates, 1,179  or 25.1% completed college or an associate degree, 1,898 or 40.5% have a Bachelor’s Degree and 859 or 18.3% have a Master’s or Doctor’s Degree.


A total of 2,242 who are three years old and over are enrolled in school and 74.9% or 1,679 are enrolled from Grades 1 to 12.  A total of 15.3% or 344 are in Pre-school and Kindergarten while 9.8% or 219 are in College.



While the City mayor (who has a two-year term) and the four Councilors (with a four-year term) set the overall policy of the city, it is the City Administrator, with the support of the City Staff, who has the responsibility of administering the city’s day to day operations.


Shorewood citizens have a chance to contribute to the city’s activities and development through the various City Boards and Commissions.


Parks and recreation 

Shorewood offers a good life for those who want to experience nature’s bounty.  It boasts of six parks that offer both visitors and residents a place to relax and bond with families and friends.  Swimming is also an ideal activity at Shorewood’s Crescent Beach especially during the months of June to August.


Both the Freeman Park and Manor Park offer shelters for those who want to go on a picnic.  Some of the parks also provide facilities for skating, ball games and other activities during summer.  Badger Park, Cathcart Park and Manor Park has hockey and ice skating rinks that can be reserved during winter

Laws on Pets 

To maintain the city’s green and clean surroundings the city government has passed policies that will serve as a guideline to those who own pets.  While there are a lot of open spaces that are pet-friendly, pet owners should however make sure they follow Shorewood’s pet-friendly rules. 


Dogs that are 6 months or over are required to have a dog license which should be purchased every January 31.  Dog owners can apply for the dog license either at the City Hall or online.  If you are relocating in Shorewood and you own two dogs or more then it would be wise to get a kennel license first.


Pet owners should also be responsible for the cleaning and disposal of their dog’s wastes.  There are a lot of choices for this including the reliable plastic bag or the pooper scoopers which can be bought in pet shops.  A dog restraint is also necessary especially when you have to bring your dog to any public location.   In Shorewood, the continuous barking of a dog for five minutes outside of the owner’s premises in already considered public nuisance which can result to a fine on the part of the owner.



While homes in Shorewood come in a variety of shapes, sizes and age, all of them share the pristine environment of the city including trees, lots of open space and lakes.  If you longing for fresh air after living for a long time in the big city then Shorewood is a great place for corporate relocation or employee relocation.


There are approximately 2,597 housing units in Shorewood and only about 5.6% or 148 units are occupied by renters. The average year when the structures were built was in 1965.  On the other hand, a total of 2,381 housing units or 91.7% are occupied by the owners themselves.  The average year when these units were built was in 1977.  Shorewood homes have a median value of $257,600.  Of the total housing units, 1,838 are covered by mortgages while 574 have second mortgages and equity loan.

There are a variety of houses for sale, condominiums, apartments and other real estate properties in Shorewood and you only need to call the reputable real estate agencies in the city to get the best deal in town.

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