Stillwater is a small town nestled near the St. Croix River in Minnesota.  However, it is proximate to the City of St. Paul and other cities giving its residents easy access to the amenities provided by the Twin Cities.  It is a peaceful community ideal for families who want the tranquility of a rustic town but with the comforts of modern life. Aside from being known as a laid-back town with lots of history, Stillwater is a great place for booklovers particularly those looking for used, antiquated and hard to find books.  Antiquarian bookstores have become an alternative destination for tourists. There are at least five antiquarian bookstores in Stillwater:

 If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the day, you can easily go to Stillwater and come back to the Twin City on the same day.  You can wander around the city and feel relaxed amid the St. Croix River as a backdrop. 

Population Profile       Stillwater is a medium-sized city population-wise, with 15,143 residents as of the 2000 census. The average resident is within the 39 year-old range.  The average income per family is pegged at $72,188, which shows how comfortable life is for Stillwater residents. Unemployment rate in the city is at 2.8% which may account for 3% of the total number of families living below poverty level.  It registered a 1.5% job growth recently and with a very good future job growth of 16.4%. Majority or 97.52% of the population of Stillwater consist of Whites and the rest are a mixture of Asians, African Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics and Latinos. 

Housing There are 5,926 housing units in Stillwater which means there are around 353.6 houses for every square kilometer of land. Most of the houses in Stillwater have been in existence for an average of 30 years, with an average home value of $296,200.  Majority or 69.2% of the homes in Stillwater are owned by the occupants while 23.4% of the homes are being occupied by renters and the rest or 7.4% remains vacant. 

New housing developments in the city’s outskirts have been on the rise in recent years.  Among those that have sprouted in the area are condominiums and other housing facilities classified as medium-density.

History Stillwater is one of the oldest towns in Minnesota and was founded by settlers who were attracted by the abundant lumber resources in the area.  Such settlement was made formal with the signing in 1837 of treaties between the Ojibwa and Dakota tribes as well as the government of the United States.  It shares a common day with St. Paul—both cities were incorporated officially on March 4, 1854. Stillwater holds a very important place in the history of Minnesota’s statehood and is even referred to as Minnesota’s birthplace.  Aside from being the venue of a convention that paved the way for the establishment of Minnesota as a state, the city’s importance was played up even more with its selection as one of the locations of the state’s three important institutions.  While St. Paul became the capital and the University of Minnesota was placed in Minneapolis, the first prison site of the territory was in Stillwater. Sawmills and steamboats played an important role in Stillwater’s history.  Lumber used to be the main industry in the area of St. Croix River Valley and it was ferried through steamboats and processed in the various sawmills in Stillwater. 

Attractions Stillwater is an attractive destination even for international moviegoers and it has become a favorite location for Hollywood movies.  Among the films that were filmed in the city are: Overnight Delivery which stars Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd; the 1996 films Fargo and Beautiful Girls, the 1995 films Grumpier Old Men and The Cure as well as the 1993 film Grumpy Old Men. Stillwater may be historically rich but it is even more interesting at present both for sightseeing and for shopping.  Here are some interesting places to see or visit while you are in the city: 

Stillwater Lift Bridge Witnessing the lifting of the bridge that connects Houlton, Stillwater and Wisconsin with the enchanting St. Croix River as backdrop, has always been a must-do for visitors and for first timers in Stillwater.  Minnesota has two lift bridges and the other one is located in Duluth.  The existence of the lift bridge is actually more for aesthetic and nostalgic purposes and not for traffic improvement (it has even contributed to the traffic problem in the area). 

Riverboat Cruises in St. Croix A cruise along the St. Croix River is always interesting.  The St. Croix Boat and Packet Company has made the riverboat tour more interesting by adding lunch and dinner features to their daily cruise at an affordable price of only $16.95 per person.  If you are not an early riser, you can enjoy brunch or even dinner through the Afton Hudson Cruise Line for only $25.95 per person. 

Minnesota Zephyr Train A train tour with dinner is what you can expect from the Zephyr Train and Cabaret. The tour becomes even more interesting with a periodic ambiance, enhanced by periodic costumes worn by the staff as well as music from the 1940s and 1950s. Dinner, which is priced at $71 per person, consists of prime rib, beef tenderloin, salmon or game hen. 

Lumberjack Days This celebration, which is being held every summer, is a sure hit with fireworks display, lumberjack shows, concerts, vintage baseball festival, race, treasure hunt, chess tournament as well as beer and wine tasting.

Aamodt's Apple Farm This is a 60-acre apple farm which will allow kids to try their hands on apple picking.  Not only that, both the children and their parents will also enjoy the pony and hay rides, the petting zoo and the strolling musicians.  These activities will make you hungry though which would necessitate a trip to the bakery for turnovers, pies and cider which are all homemade. 

St. Croix Valley Recreation Center Stillwater residents usually gather at the Center for rest and recreation. The Center presents various recreational opportunities for hockey, ice skating or just plain walking.  Social and private events can also be held at the Center’s function rooms. 

Stillwater may be a small city but it offers both business and pleasure for those who yearn for the tranquility that only a small town can offer.  Both residents and visitors can however expect that the St. Croix River will always play a great role in their day to day activities as this historic river provides the mesmerizing appeal of Stillwater.


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