VADNAIS HEIGHTS

Vadnais Heights is an ideal place for those who prefer to live in a small community surrounded by woods, lakes and friendly people.  Located in Ramsey County in the Twin Cities area, the City of Vadnais Heights is a showcase of friendly neighborhood, healthy environment and booming business.


The City is adjacent to other Minnesota cities particularly North Oaks, Maplewood, Shoreview, White Bear Lake and Gem Lake.  The city’s residents are known for their active participation in community events like Taste of Vadnais and Heritage Days. 


Despite its close proximity to most urban towns in Minnesota, Vadnais Heights provides residents a rural setting due to its natural habitat, active parklands that totals to around a hundred acres as well as woods and lakes.



The first settlers in the city in the 1940s were the French Canadian families of Morrisette, Vadnais, Bibeau and Garceau. One of the city’s main attractions, Lake Vadnais, was named after the Vadnais family particularly Jean Vadnais.


The city was incorporated as a village in 1957 and was made into a full-fledged city in 1974.


The City of Vadnais Heights used to be an agricultural town but veered towards commercialization and industrialization after the opening of the freeway that now links the Vadnais Heights to the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The establishment of modern sewer and water systems also encouraged the growth of the city.


Population profile 

The City of Vadnais Heights has a medium-sized community of 13,069 people. The city is peppered with 5,132 housing units distributed at a density of 271.8 units per square kilometer of land.   Like most cities in Minnesota, majority or 91.67% of the residents are Whites followed by Asians (4.53%) and a mixture of African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos and, Native Americans and other races.


Vadnais Heights has a fairly young population with an average age of 36 years.  A great majority of its population are below the age of 25 with only 7.8% of the residents within the 65 year-old or above bracket.


The average household in the city lives comfortably well with a median income of $60,804 (per household) and a median income of $74,178 per family.  Only 3.2% of the entire population lives below the poverty line.



Vadnais Heights is not only an ideal place to live in but it is also an ideal location for business.  The city’s healthy environment feature has not stopped it from becoming the home base of industrial businesses like Vadnais Technologies, Medical Graphics, H.B. Fuller, Festival Foods and Reel Precision manufacturing. 


The construction of the $3.3 million City Hall building in 2001 has also encouraged more business activities in the area not only in terms of real estate, housing and construction but also in commercial establishments which include shopping centers and restaurant. 


Those moving in to Vadnais Heights would be glad to know that the local government will not levy any tax increase on present or future residents as a result of such construction project.  The newly-constructed City Hall was financed out of a 30-year savings by the city for such specific purpose.


One of the major organizations that aim to promote growth and development in the City of Vadnais Heights is the VHEDC.  The independence of this non-profit organization from the city government allows it to coordinate with the business sector to enhance the business environment in the city.  It is composed of private citizens and business people who provide the impetus for business growth through the provision of more job opportunities as well as new business establishments.  It also provides financial assistance for those who want to establish a business in Vadnais Heights.


Eyeing employment relocation or corporate relocation in Vadnais Heights but worried about the schooling of your kids?  If you have plans of moving in to the city then you might want to be assured that educational institutions abound in Vadnais Heights. 

Majority of the school-age residents go to the White Bear Lake Area School while the rest go to the Mounds View Public Schools.  Those who require post-secondary education can go to Century College which is nearby or to the other institutions located in the metropolitan area of the Twin Cities.  You can also opt for the other institutions in Saint Paul or Minneapolis since these cities are only minutes away from the City of Vadnais Heights.


Where to go 

Private meetings and other organizational activities can be easily arranged with the Lakes Room Conference at City Hall.  It has three conference rooms, each of which can accommodate from 10 to 25 people, and is equipped with television sets, conference tables that are laptop-friendly as well as equipment for presentations.  A minimal fee is required for every reservation.  For larger meetings, organizations can avail of the community room of the South Fire Station as it can accommodate 175 people.


Vadnais Heights has provisions for both business and pleasure.  The Community Park (which an accommodate 150 people) has facilities for picnic shelters complete with restrooms, play lot as well as enough parking areas for visitors. Next to the Park is the Community Park Pavilion which can accommodate 50 people.


Outdoor activities for both youth and adults can be held in the fields.  Reservation forms can be filled up online for a faster and more efficient processing.  Residents can also make use of the Block Party Trailer for parties and other outdoor activities. It has the following facilities: parachute, volleyball poles and net, road barricades, tables and chairs, first aid kits and traffic cones.


The City of Vadnais Heights has gone a long way from a small agricultural town to a bustling place for business and an ideal residential site for people who wants to savor the tranquility of a small town but with the opportunities of a metropolitan area.  Living in Vadnais Heights is like having the best of both worlds right in the palm of one’s hands.

If a clean and healthy environment, fresh air and a safe surroundings appeal to you then the City of Vadnais Heights is the answer to your prayers.

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