White Bear Lake

White Bear Lake is a city located in Ramsey County in Minnesota.  However, it is also popular as the name of one of the largest lakes in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  The city is strategically located near the Twin Cities and is only 20 minutes to St. Paul.

It is a family-oriented community making it an ideal site for corporate relocation or employee relocation.  The city boasts of a dynamic business district that can meet the demands of its residents and visitors. On the other hand, it does not fall short when it comes to offering a serene place for picnics, boating, fishing and other water-based activities thanks to the presence of the 2,500-acre lake which has always been the center of the community’s life.

Families always play a great role during White Bear Lake festivities like the Manitou Days which is highlighted by a parade.  Ramsey Beach is a great place to build your family’s greatest sandcastle ever.  After the hustle and bustle of work you can always opt to sweat it out by running along the Lake Avenue or practicing your golf swing at the Oneka Ridge Golf Course.

Majority or 45% of the lands in White Bear Lake are used by families with single families accounting for 39.5% or 2180 acres and multi-families accounting for 5.9% or 323 acres of land.  Commercial land use is only 4.3% or 235 acres while industrial land use is only 3.1% or 173 acres.  Public parks and open spaces account for 59% of land use which is equivalent to about 3,255 acres of land.


Europeans settled in the White Bear Lake area in the mid 1800s but prior to that, Native Americans already lived, hunted and fished along the banks of White Bear Lake.  The area’s popularity as a summer resort area between the years 1870 to 1910 increased with the introduction of the automobile.

The area became a very popular summer resort that it was often visited by equally popular personalities like Barker-Karpis gang and writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.  White Bear Lake became a vibrant community with lots of residential homes and family farms after World War II.

White Bear Lake has an exciting history and that’s not because of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s portrayal of the Black Bear Lake city in Winter Dreams. The city’s reputation as a de facto gangster haven when they need to cool off from the Chicago “heat” has even made the city a destination for curious tourists.

However, it was Barry Siegel’s narration in his novel “A Death in White Bear Lake” of the harrowing tale of Dennis Jurgens, a three-year old who was murdered by his own adoptive mother in 1965 which has placed the city in the map of controversial cities.

Community Profile

White Bear Lake has 24,325 residents distributed into 9,618 households as of the 2000 Census.  Majority of the residents are Whites (95.31%) followed by Asians (1.54%), African Americans (1.08%), Native Americans (0.37%) and those from other races.

The average age of White Bear Lake residents is 37 years, with 24.8% of the total population below 18 years of age and 14.6% 65 years and over.

The City has a per capital income of $24,338 with an average income of $52,934 for each household and an average income of $60,196 for each family.  Only 4.4% of the total number of residents and 3.3% of the total number of families live below the poverty level.
White Bear Lake is home to Smarte Carte, an American company that manufacturers automated mailing devices, strollers and lockers.  The company, which supplies some of the major airports worldwide with baggage carts, was featured in the Tom Hanks movie “Terminal”.
The company became bankrupt but was purchased by Macquarie Bank of Australia for $370 million in 2006.
A total of 70.3% of the population are in the labor force and 67.7% of these are employed.

If you are an avid golfer then you will find corporate relocation or employee relocation in White Bear Lake ideal.  The city offers five golf courses for its residents and visitors.  Three of the five golf courses in the city are public including the Gem Lake Hills Golf Course, Manitou Ridge Golf Course and Oneka Ridge Golf Course. Two are private golf courses namely Dellwood Hills Golf Club and White Bear Yacht Club.

For live entertainment and food, families can take advantage of Marketfest which is now on its 18th year. This destination offers various activities for children, a classic car show, fine art, entertainment and a farmers market.

There are at least 22 parks in White Bear Lake among them Bossard Park, Cottage Park Nature Preserve, Ebba Park, Hidden Hollow Park, Jack Yost Memorial Park, Lakeview Park, Lion’s Park, Matoska Park and Memorial beach Park.

Your children will definitely have a grand time at the White Bear Lake Sports Center as it offers skating lessons for beginners. They can also enjoy various sports like racquetball, hockey, figure skating and wallyball.  The Sports Center has programs for skating and hockey.  December is an exciting time because this is when the annual skating competition is being held.


There are 9,813 housing units in White Bear Lake and 98% are occupied.  Homeowner vacancy rate is 0.3% while rental vacancy rate is 2%.  Of the total occupied housing units 74.6% are occupied by their owners while 25.4% are occupied by renters.  The median home value for White Bear Lake is $178,600. 

The City of White Bear Lake presents a holistic way of life to every family where the adults are given the opportunities to build a satisfying career and their children given the basic facilities to learn and play.  If you want to relocate your family in a place that puts special emphasis on the family then White Bear Lake is an ideal option.



                                            WHITE BEAR LAKE 

            One of the most self-contained, community-oriented suburbs of the Twin Cities, White Bear Lake is a perfect place for those looking to settle in with a family. It offers a small town feel, while remaining an easy twenty minute drive to Minneapolis and St. Paul. Located northeast of the Twin Cities, White Bear Lake is a rapidly expanding area, so whether you are looking to buy a pre-existing home for you and your family, or are looking for some land to build your own dream house, White Bear Lake real estate has plenty of options to choose from.

            The city of White Bear Lake is relatively small, but has an extremely strong community atmosphere, and is an important addition to the Greater Metro Area. At only 26,000 residents, and an area that covers ten square miles, it is the kind of town where families can provide a safe environment for their children, while also providing a healthy arts and entertainment district for recreation. Probably the most noteworthy feature of this suburb is its namesake body of water, the popular White Bear Lake. Covering 2,500 acres, it rivals the size of the community itself; as you can expect, this magnificent body of water attracts tourists, and is a central part of White Bear Lake’s economy. Summers are always a buzzing time near the lake, offering a clean, relaxed atmosphere for fishing, sailing and swimming.

            Many residents of White Bear Lake take part in local events that solidify the community. Each summer, hundreds gather for Manitou Days, the annual festival that celebrates the city; some of the more popular events include a 5K race, a parade, a carnival, and the ever popular Beach Dance. This is a city where neighbors are not strangers, a characteristic that residents of White Bear Lake take immense pride in.

            White Bear Lake is a strong middle-class community, with a median household income of $52,000. It is a very family-oriented community, so if you have children, or are planning to have children in the near future, White Bear Lake may be a good fit for you. It offers a wealth of real estate, with plenty of spacious and affordable starter homes, as well as some extremely spacious, multi-story houses. The community is also rapidly expanding, with several affluent housing developments being built off of Highway 61. There is also a large amount of available open land just outside the limits of the city, for those more interested in building their dream home from the ground up. Whatever your needs are, I am confident that I can help you find the home that suits your needs.

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