Woodbury is proximate to St, Paul, Minnesota’s Capital City.  It is a favorite relocation area among those already employed nearby and those looking for work opportunities in the area considering that it is also proximate to the 3M Corporation, one of the largest employers of the state.  Another reason why Woodbury is attractive as a relocation area is the wide-range of choices when it comes to the city’s housing which comes in the form of town homes, apartment or even large estates.

It is an ideal place both as a resident and a place for business, The latter is evident with the city’s thriving business community with the likes of EcoWater Systems,, Assurant, The Hartford, eFunds and Long Term Care Group.

This Twin Cities suburb is a vibrant community that has shown potential for growth given the city’s resources.  Such growth has been properly planned and mapped out by the city officials and the growth you are seeing now is just a product of such efforts.

Woodbury is a clean and green city with a dedicated park land measuring 3,000 acres.  It has an ideal public park system, eight small lakes as well as multi-trails for residents and visitors.  It is a good place to raise children and to retire considering the variety of sports facilities including the Eagle Valley golf course as well as the Bielenberg Sports Center.


A stone painted by Dakota Chief Little Crow is supposedly the basis for naming the city Red Rock.  However the name was changed to Woodbury in 1859 in honor of New Hampshire Judge Levi Woodbury.

Woodbury is a culturally-rich are with immigrants coming from as far as Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland and even Ireland.  These people have settled in the area and have intermarried creating a rich heritage for the city.  The development of housing in the area started in 1955 and has started to replace the fertile farmlands.  Despite the growth of housing and commercial areas in Woodbury, the city managed to maintain lots of open spaces to balance urban development.

Woodbury started as a township in 1858 and the first town hall was built only in 1876.  However, education was already a priority in the town with seven schools already organized by 1868.

Community Profile

Woodbury has a population of 46,463 people as of the 2000 Census.  Most of the residents are Whites (90.04%) while the rest are Asians (5.01%), African Americans (2.51%) and those from other races.  The population is fairly young with an average age of 33 years old. 

Most residents lead a comfortable life with an average income of $84,997 for every family and $76,109 for every household.  The city has a per capita income of $32,606, with only 1.7% of the population living below poverty level and only 0.8% of the families living below the poverty level.

Residents of Woodbury enjoy a peaceful and quality life in the city punctuated by regular recreational activities both for individuals and families.  Woodbury promotes family and togetherness so it has put into place several recreational destinations not only for its residents but also for visitors.


If your purpose for choosing Woodbury as a relocation area is business and employment then it would be helpful to note that the city is the location of several businesses like Dean Foods, Woodwinds Health Campus, The Hartford and target Corporation.  Hartford alone employs 800 people at its Bielenberg Drive headquarters and is considered the largest employer in the city.  There’s also Harvey Vogel Manufacturing, Woodbury Healthcare Center and Woodbury Lakes.

Majority of Woodbury’s commercial district is made up of retail. There are large retail centers in city including Woodbury Lakes and Tamarack.  More developments are expected to follow especially after it was named as the hottest place to live in the Midwest by Money Magazine.

Large scale business and housing developments are welcomed in the area as it offers a variety of real estate properties.  The strategic location of Woodbury to the International Airports of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis is also one reason why investors are particularly interested in Woodbury.


Those are eyeing Woodbury either for corporate relocation or executive relocation can afford of the city’s affordable housing program thanks to the Housing and Redevelopment Authority. The present goal of Woodbury is to pave the way for multiple housing options for the residents instead of focusing on increasing the size of lots for single family housing development.

The over-all goal of the city is to create housing facilities that are not only affordable but unique as well and caters to the need of its people. Among the affordable housing developments in the city are Waters Edge Townhomes, Habitat for Humanity, Pondview Townhomes and Lakeside Townhomes. These housing facilities provide opportunities for rental and ownership for prospective homeowners.

The City Council, which serves as Woodbury’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority does not only make sure Woodbury residents enjoy decent, affordable and safe housing but also ensures that the housing action plan is properly implemented.

Recreational Facilities

Woodbury is an ideal choice for corporate relocation, employee relocation and even for retirement.  There are lots of recreational facilities in the city that would appeal to residents of all ages.  Take for example the Eagle Valley 18-hole, par 72 Golf Course.  The course is ideal for all skill levels so you can enjoy a round of golf no matter if you are a beginner or a professional golfer.  You can always make golf time a time to relax thanks to the rolling terrain of the 225-acre golf course.  The golf course is also an ideal place for meetings as it has banquet rooms and offers catering services.
You can also take advantage of the various facilities offered by the community parks like the Bielenberg Sports Center which functions as an ice arena and a soccer field, Ojibway Park and the Tamarack Nature Preserve.

Summer can be a wonderful time for the whole family as they can spend lots of bonding moments at the Carver Lake Beach.  The beach is actually part of the 150-acre park which includes lakeshore bluffs, stream, woods and the 40-acre lake.
If you are looking for a place where you can do business or get decent and a high-paying employment while enjoying the joys of everyday living then the best choice is Woodbury.

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